Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tummy Tuck or Tupler Technique for Diastasis Recti?

I have been researching like crazy!! My husband knows that I can spend hours researching if I am really interested in a product. I have been researching tummy tuck procedures, looking at before and after pictures, and have also been watching a lot of the ladies on Youtube for their stories on tummy tucks. I am scared. That is why I am opting to go with the Tupler Technique. I have heard great things and visited their website for information!! I am impressed by all of their before and after shots!!
The Tupler Technique involves an 18 week program specifically targeting the underlying ab muscles and focusing on the core!! Just what I need. I will also be purchasing the Tupler Splint..which helps in bringing my ab muscles together. This is my only chance at getting back to my pre pregnancy body!! I am going to commit.
Getting another surgery scares me so much because both of my c-sections have traumatized me so much. I have heard that it could take up to 6 months to a year to fully recover from a tummy tuck. The scar could take the longest. I don't think I am up for it and truthfully I don't think my body is ready. I really want to see what I can do first without surgery. I had never heard of corrective exercises for diastasis recti until last week and I finally made a decision last night to try a few products.
Background story: I had two boys within 17 months of eachother and I c-sectioned both times. My first son weighed 10lbs 3oz and was 21 1/2in long! He was a big baby!! During that surgery I had a doctor deliver my baby that happened to be a cosmetic surgeon in his previous practice so he did me a favor and sewed my muscles together. I did not know that until my second c-section. My second doctor did not do the same and the gap between my ab muscles is very wide now. I did the at home test of diastasis recti and measured between a 4-5 finger width!!! It is severe.
For the last year I have been working out like crazy to lose weight and thankfully it has improved my appearance but not in the right place...my stomach area. I am currently 116 lbs as of this morning and am 5'2. A weight that I am ok with...another 6lbs and I will be at my goal weight...not complaining though. lol. Even with a month of straight Turbo Fire, not one inch seemed to have been lost in my stomach area, everything came off my back, arms, legs and face. That time was not lost of course as I did manage to lose about 13lbs!
So this is it...I am making a committment to start a new technique to lower my diastasis recti. Specific exercises to strengthen my core is necessary and it will slowly put my muscles back together...well at least I hope. I will be documenting my progress and hope to have great results. I will be ordering the items soon and can't wait to get started. I am starting with Tupler Technique first and then moving on to Lindsay Brin's Core Strengthening DVDs!! I hope that I can inspire someone with Diastasis Recti to not give up!!
I am 2 years post partum and have heard that mommies have been able to lower their Diastasis Recti after 10 years! I am hopeful!!!

 I hope to lose more inches and flatten my stomach!! If you have any information about any of the techniques or procedures mentioned here...please let me know!!!

Thank you for reading!! Feel free to watch video below!!


I had to post the link because it would not let me share!! Hope it works!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Time to quit? Pfshhhh!!

Lately, I have been going back and forth on whether I should just call it quits on my facebook page, youtube channel and blog...but then I get a tiny little voice in my head...the one that won't go away that says, "not everyone is going to like it but if you believe in it then that is all that matters, if you love yourself at the end of the day, then you have done something right!" I hope that voice is giving me the right advice! Pfshhhh!!! 
The events that led up to my feelings have gone a little like this:
-The other day I made one comment on a Military Wife's video asking why she disables her comments on her military wife videos...and her response was: I am going to block you for being a troll. Sure enough, she blocked me before I even had the chance to explain that I meant no harm by it and it was an honest question.
-Lately, I have been posting articles on my facebook page "More than a Military Spouse" to spark conversation...some things I find online (Someone was quick to unsubscribe from my page). How much explaining needs to be done?? Posting an article on a site open for discussion does not mean I completely or even agree with an article. It is for entertainment purposes and that is all. Besides I learn a lot from the ladies on my page more than anything, I will say that over and over.
-On my channel, I post videos on love, relationships, and about the military...some topics more than others..and sometimes my opinions can be strong but everyone is entitled to one right???
Will I quit because of this? NO WAY!!! 
I am going to take a little advice from a friend I hold dear, someone whom I met online and is my bestfriend to this day..."keep doing what you are doing because you love it.." Yes my hubby, my rock, said that. Yes we met online...that is why I know you can make the "best-est" of friends online. Maybe even meet the love of your life like I did.
I do things for fun, entertainment and for inspiration. I do things because I love to and it seems lately it has gotten so twisted. YES perception means everything but not all things should be taken so seriously. When someone asks a question, take the time to answer them but most importantly hear them out. When you are online and typing, sarcasm does not translate really well unless you know the person in real life and have spent time with them. I get that. I get that more now than ever because anyone who knows me in real life..knows I am really sarcastic and love to joke. It doesn't translate well apparently.
If you are considering writing a blog or starting a Youtube channel, just be YOURSELF. (A few ladies have inspired me lately) Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement!!
People are not always going to agree, I get it. People will unsubscribe to something you work hard on. Is it disappointing?? Sometimes...especially when you do things for others in hopes that you will inspire at least one person. People will unsubscribe from anything you do because they completely misunderstood you and just never gave it a chance.
Truthfully, let me explain something. I have continued to do this because I have been inspired by many of the channels and blogs I have come across, by the people who I interact with, there are some very powerful people out there and like I say in my about section---->  (How will you ever get to know a person's story if you do not ever give it a chance?)
I try and help others, I don't have a hidden agenda. I don't get paid for anything that I do and I am not going to sell you something I don't absolutely believe in. (the selling part is the hidden "hustler" in my blood) lol.
No more disclaimers and no more worries. I am going to do what I have been doing because it is something I believe in. I completely understand that there are very sensitive people out in the world, I was one of them. I don't want to lose my compassion and just say the hell with it...when someone is in need.
At the end of the day I do have to ask myself, is it worth changing myself for the world or for one person that may have never had a conversation with me in the first place? Maybe that person never believed in me in the first place? The answer is no..if I am doing something unethical or illegal, then yes, I must change...otherwise this is me...accept it or move on.
I am not a quitter and even when times seem to be really bad or feel like they can't get any worse, that voice just pops into my head..."keep going...one day at a time...it will make a difference...stay positive.." That voice has a name: Christopher.
So for always as long as I enjoy it and love it, I will be posting, blogging, filming, writing and thinking as I always do...oh yeah...and on top of that...moving!! The world will continue to spin and as long as I am breathing and alive...I will be me. Just me.

Thank you so much for listening.

***Is this issue really that serious? No it is not. The point of all of it is that you should just continue to be yourself, don't fake being someone you are not just because someone deletes you, takes you off their buddy list or unsubscribes because you posted some dumb article you really didn't believe in, in the first place. Don't hide under a rock, hide under a blanket, or worry about the small stuff, because really someone who chooses not to be in your life for one reason or another, is truly missing out....or just wasn't meant to impact you in any way in the first place!! Love to all of you!!***

Thank you Christopher, Andreas, Alessandro,and Kayla for always having faith in me, I love you all. xoxoxo

Onward to the next chapter in our lives!!

My Youtube Channel is for all of you to enjoy...nothing more, nothing less.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wake up already, you're an Army wife!!!

First Arrived in Belgium
Wake up and smell the coffee beans?! So I am talking to myself here because I need to wake the hell up...my husband is in the military, he has a demanding job and when we return to the states, I will be seeing him a lot less. As you may already figured out by the title of the blog...this is the life of an Army wife..and I don't find myself writing too much about the military life...why not??
I don't live in a normal "military life" right now. My husband is not deployed and I get to see him almost every day. He is home to help me with the kids and the house and everything in between. I have been so lucky. I think I have gotten used to that idea and with a PCS coming up in almost two weeks...I need to step back into reality!! And quick! I have lived like this for three years.
When my husband and I were talking about coming to Belgium we thought it was brilliant...because he wouldn't have to deploy...was that him running from deployment...hell no. He had deployed three times before this and a slot was open for him in Belgium..that is how it worked out for us. Many would call this place a career killer, because a soldier just sits and waits really. I called it a new adventure because we made the most of it while we were here....but that is all about to change.
Let me let you in on some secrets of mine..my hubby already knows this but I will admit this: I start things and don't finish them. I am guilty of loading the dishwasher and not unloading it. I am guilty of putting the clothes in the washer and not transferring them to the dryer....or folding clothes and not putting them away..I just have a bad habit!! My husband is usually the one to finish my messes. I ADMIT IT and I am so used to this behavior. What I am used to the most, is having my husband here with me anytime I need him.
I am scared of change...but I need to face it. Soon my husband will be thrown into a unit he has never been in before, he will have soldiers again who need him. He may not get the free time to be home. I am super dependent. I know there is another word for that....but at least I can admit that I am. I hate being dependent...my husband enjoys it. He feels needed and I do need him....
So the new year will bring about many changes. To start off, I will be working on improving myself, becoming less dependent on my husband and more dependent on myself. I will be on a job search as I have laid out all my goals for 2012. I will be starting school again to start my Masters. This may be my way with dealing with change, filling it up with other things to do while I adjust. Our lives are about to change. Facing reality can be scary at times...but I am up for a new challenge! Now back to finishing what I started...which is a whole mess of things!! lol.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Holidays with Friends and Family

This year we celebrated Christmas in Belgium for the last time. In a few weeks we will be packed up and on a plane back to the United States. It is bittersweet, I am going to miss the friends I made here in Belgium, needless to say, they are family now. The Wednesday before Christmas, Chris and I went over to our friend's house and had dinner and drinks...that lasted longer than expected...until 4am the next day. It was like a farewell and I was feeling sorta sad that it would be our last.
Our Christmas started out on Friday with a dinner at a friend's house..there our boys opened their first Christmas gift that our friends had given them. They had such a blast!
On Saturday, Christmas Eve, we spent it at a another one of our friend's house..she had the most amazing looking appetizers and desserts!! I told her she would be my wedding planner when the time comes!! We were lucky this year to be invited to spend the holidays with friends. Chris and I were originally going to skip Christmas this year and just stay home and focus on the PCS but my friends had a point...get out of the house and stop thinking about the PCS! lol.. it worked! So here I thank you all for a wonderful and amazing time!! 
Being so far away from home can seriously have a toll on your emotions and it brings on a lot of stress. This time it was a little different...the opposite effect.  I was feeling lonely and sad that we were leaving and as many see this through the military, it felt like we were never going to see our friends again. We don't want that to happen so we vowed to visit eachother when all of us are back in the states again. So Christmas will be prolonged this year and stretch into the New Year.
On Sunday Chris and I along with our boys opened presents...this year it was all about the boys. They received many toys and opened Grandma's presents. They played with their most favorite toys...Andreas loved his Mega Blocks Pirate Ship and Alessandro his toy kitchen. He had been asking for one for about 6 months now. They played to the point of exhaustion as I laid on the couch and slept!! It was a lazy day..a well deserved one as from today on...we will be focused on getting the heck out of here...
This holiday was special, it is our last in Europe and the New Year brings on a new adventure. A new place, new people, and new dreams! I can't wait to get started!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

My First Makeup Swap!!

This was my first Makeup Swap I have ever done! I was always interested in doing a swap with another person on Youtube but didn't have a clue on how to start one. First of all, a swap can be anything from thrifted clothing, brand new items to makeup items. I found MissNiv555 on a random youtube video I was watching and she had commented on how she couldn't get WetnWild products at a low cost since she resides in the United Kingdom...so I offered to do a swap with her. It was neat...some people choose to never do swaps because they feel as though they will never be able to trust that the other person will send them stuff in return for their items. How do you trust that someone will send you items?? Trust your gut. I saw her genuine comment on the video and I thought...why not?
I contacted MissNiv555 and we set a price limit...and now I know why she said it was pricey...the items cost as much as the shipping does. I didn't mind though because she sent me some neat makeup items from the United Kingdom.
I have been to the U.K. once before and thoroughly enjoyed it but never thought to pick up makeup while I was there!! So this was perfect for me!!
I want to personally thank MissNiv555 for trusting her gut as well!! I really hope she enjoys her items because I love each item she sent me!! Try it and you won't regret it!! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Life Lessons: Thrift Shopping for Christmas

I thrift shop toys and clothing for Christmas. I admit it and I am not ashamed of it. I have thrift shopped furniture, wall hangings, coats, and other items too. I love bargain shopping. I don't need to thrift shop but I find joy in reusing and recycling items, especially toys for the kids. Most importantly I want to teach my children some important lessons.
My children have never refused a toy in their life, whether brand new or thrifted. They don't mind. Of course they are only 11, 3 and 1 years old...but I hope they never change. They appreciate everything I give them. We don't have large Christmas' in this household, I suppose because we feel we have everything we need or want. Chris is a very generous father and husband. He gives us everything we need and more. He appreciates the fact that I don't ask for much.
My upbringing had a lot to do with the way I am today. I will be the first to admit that I did not have my first pair of Nikes until I was in 8th grade, they were black suede with a big white swoosh on them. I took care of them for years until I grew out of them of course. Even though my parents could both afford to get me the latest fashions, they didn't. They taught me the worth of a dollar and have always taught me to save money...I would always ask them why we never shopped at Macy's or other trendy places...and they would tell me..you can get the same thing at JCPenny or Wal-mart. I was made fun of at school for not having name brands but I didn't care. I had clothing on my back. I also had clothing from garage sales and thrift stores I was very proud of!
My parents still live in the house I was born and raised in and I always used to ask them why they haven't moved...they say because that is their home and there is nothing wrong with it. When I was a kid, I was ashamed of the house we lived in. It was yellow on the outside with brown shutters, near the railroad tracks. It only had two bedrooms and one bathroom...and nothing matched on the inside...something I can laugh at now, because most "Hispanic" households have nothing inside that matches...it's just a stereotype we really fit in at the time. I am not at all ashamed of my parent's home anymore and it is still yellow on the outside with brown shutters. I am so happy they still live there because I have a HOME...something not many can say..a home to return back to that you were raised in, that is golden to me. Last year, Chris and I painted the living room and dining room, and it was monumental! The walls hadn't been changed since the 70's!
I learned many lessons on money from my parents. I also learned to be frugal and not materialistic. I do have wants still but they are not huge wants and I am happy with that. Christmas' at my parents were not huge but we did get what we wanted, and now that I remember, I didn't ask for much back then either. My parents could afford to get us what we wanted throughout the year, I can honestly say I always had clothing, food in my stomach and a warm bed to come home to. I was never without anything and our bills were always paid. My parents never lived paycheck to paycheck...and they taught me to be the same. I will always cherish that lesson. Was I spoiled?? Yes, with lots of love!!
I am trying to teach my children that they don't need brand new things to be popular or happy. I do buy my children new things throughout the year and for Christmas, it may not be the latest leap pad or video game but they do get brand new toys and they also get thrifted toys, they never know the difference. If someday they ask me why I buy thrifted items, I will tell them. My step-daughter has already asked me this Summer and she said it was the coolest thing ever, to get more for your money. My children get name brand clothing as well, just at a cheaper price. Not that name brands matter...but sometimes as you may know, the quality seems to be a little better. My youngest son gets hand me downs from his older brother, and all he says is "cool." I want to teach them the important lessons that I learned growing up. So far we have been blessed, we don't go hungry, we have clothes on our backs, a warm bed to come home to, and we do not live paycheck to paycheck. I know many back home are going through some rough times. Chris and I save for not only our rainy days but others, because we never know if a friend or family member may need more than we do.
So this Christmas as many before and in the future, will consist of thrifted items, some new and some old. That is just how we choose to celebrate our gift giving during the holidays with our kids. They love us either way!!
I hope that these lessons carry on when our children have their own kids.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Breakfast Anyone? Tex-Mex Migas

Say what!? Migas (Mee-gahs) are one of my favorite breakfast foods ever!! I had forgotten about the dish until I saw a pack of almost stale tortillas in the fridge one day and thought....I could make MIGAS!! Now this may sound gross but anytime I hear the word "migas" I think of throw up!! LOL!! My mother used to say "quieres hechar las migas" (translation) Do you want to throw up?? Maybe because Migas sort of looks like a mix of food, which it is!!
All you need is Corn Tortillas, Eggs, Shredded Cheddar Cheese, and a breakfast meat like Bacon, Chorizo or Sausage. You can also add green bell peppers, tomatoes, or onions. Now Chilaquiles are very similar, the major difference is when you cook the tortillas in the skillet, in Chilaquiles you add either spicy red sauce (like salsa) or green salsa...to make them spicy, then you can add your egg. I love MIGAS, my mother would make them on the weekend and I would always add ketchup. It wasn't until I got older that I started eating them with salsa. You can modify this recipe however you like, that is what I love about it! My hubby adds Tapatio to his migas.

Andreas loves Migas!!

I would love to do more authentic Tex-Mex recipes!! Maybe when I am home I can film my mother cooking in her kitchen!! My mother is actually from Texas although raised in Mexico, she got the best of both worlds!! I would have loved to have lived in Mexico when I was a child so that I could experience my culture at its full potential. I am very fortunate my parents held on to many of the traditions and they spoke to me in Spanish, which I continue to love!! There will be photos for sure!!! Video down below for recipe!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Treasure your Friendships

Charlene and I met when I was in College in Colorado. She was in most of my criminal justice classes and we started talking out of the blue, her husband was in the Army and I was separated from my first husband. We came from two different places, I from the midwest and she from Denver, CO. The military brought us together.
Because of Charlene's commute between home and school, I offered Charlene to move in as I had an empty room and I hardly ever lived at my apartment. She and I became friends really fast and I was blessed because I really needed a friend. At that time in my life, I was very self-destructive, I admit, I have made many mistakes in my life. I was apart from my husband in the start of a long drawn out divorce. I had my ups and downs with it, but mostly downs. I became depressed and lost so much weight, I hardly ever ate because I felt empty and nautious. I just wanted to be happy with myself. Charlene would listen to me complain about life and offer advice and I am so happy I met her. Almost like the man upstairs sent me a person so I wouldn't be alone. Charlene was also going through some personal things herself and I think it was perfect timing, as we both needed a "bff." She was so spontaneous and care free, me...I was very uptight and hated taking risks. A true yin and yang.
Charlene and I lived together for a few months as she traveled back and forth from her place and her hubby's place overseas.
Thursday nights we would make it a habit to go out to the clubs, hey I was allowed!!!  We had so much fun because we knew the bartender at a club we would go to and after one night we decided to sneak shooters into the club by putting them in our socks!!! We saved money...I know completely wrong...but very smart. lol. Club nights didn't last too much longer...
Charlene's husband came back from overseas and well, Chris found me. Funny thing is that her husband's name was Chris too...."Just Chris" is what we would call him, and my Chris became "Your Chris..." both of which are in the Army.
Charlene and I shared a huge moment in our lives, we graduated college together, with struggles in between, in fact that was one of the last days I got to see her. Charlene joined the Navy and I was so proud of her. She works in intelligence but that is all I can say about her because of course that is all I know about that! LOL. She has had her ups and downs and we have shared most. We have kept contact through email but I have not heard from her in a long time...I get worried. I have had two children and she hasn't met them yet. But I know that when I see her, we will just pick up where we left off, because she is that kind of friend. 

I always remember the moments when she would say "Sofia you don't deserve to be treated like that," or "Sofia, things are going to get better, you will see..."  She is an inspiration and the best friend you could ever have. I just hope she still has her little VW bug because we would cruise around it everywhere, with her 10 inch subs in the back....cracks me up to this day.
I just want to say....you can keep great friends with the military lifestyle, of course you may be separated at times, it is up to you how much you treasure your friendships. Keep in contact with them. So go on, find your friends and send them an email. Find out what they are up to because they may just need a friend right now. I will always be grateful to have met Charlene, she has truly made a difference in my life. The military brought us together and separated us, but I am happy that I will see her soon.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Almost Three Years Exactly....

Our old house in Colorado...ready to be mopped!

WOW!! So three years ago Chris and I had our stuff packed out of our home headed to Belgium! We had gotten married that year and had our first son. Christopher had a home in Colorado and we were so worried because we needed a renter. Our son was only 5 weeks old. My parents had visited from Chicago to take my car back home with them..so much was going through my brain...kind of what I am feeling like now. Today I was supposed to make a pile on the floor of all the things we were going to pack for our unaccompanied baggage. My husband failed to tell me that they moved the date! Good thing because I had nothing laid out. I am procrastinating our move...out of fear. To be perfectly honest, I have not been away from Chris any more than three weeks, he has deployed three times before I met him so he was needing some down time when I met him, that is how we got orders to Belgium. I am selfish, I don't want to be away from my husband, but I know that it is going to be soon that he gets put in a unit that deploys frequently...that scares the shit out of me!!! (sorry for cursing). For a year now I have had dreams where he is always gone, he is never in my dreams anymore and I am always in a situation where I just need him...I hate that feeling.
So it is that time again, we are moving back to the states! We are making our list for our unaccompanied baggage, we get 1,000lbs. That is A LOT!!! Or maybe it just sounds like a lot...I know I am packing an umbrella for sure! So many things on my mind...and so little time, I mean Christmas is right around the corner!! Oh yeah, Chris and I put up the tree and our babies helped....and not even one minute after opening the ornaments, one gets shattered on the floor!! (NEXT BLOG) Christmas Tree! LOL!

On our road trip to California before heading to Belgium

So the kids seem to know that we are moving soon, they keep writing on the walls and breaking things...makes Chris and I worried....he says to wait and scrub the walls until a few days before we leave, but so far, I have been doing one project at a time...today I scrubbed the dining room table so it would be spotless when I take a picture of it for insurance purposes! And the chairs will be tomorrow's project along with OXY cleaning the microfiber couches!! Oh reminds me, any PRODUCTS you recommend to take out water spots...my couch has a code of WS on it meaning anything that is a water solvent can be used but I NEED A MIRACLE!! I bought some Mr. Clean magic erasers and they are awesome! TOO bad they fall apart fast!!! I need like a hundred of those.
So as you can see, cleaning is on my mind these days! As soon as I finish one thing, the boys create another, a never ending cycle!! Maybe I should wait to clean! I am going to be doing a series of PCS videos on my channel, from Unaccompanied Baggage, to WHAT to clean...and other topics about PCS'ing. Stay tuned for those!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Sofia the First"

My husband surfs the internet while I get ready to go just about every morning (on his days off) and something caught his eye!!! Yes it was a Disney Princess!!! I thought it was cute!!
"Sofia the First" not only has an awesome name (I am bias I know)....but she has a lavender dress!!! Ask my mother and she will tell you, that was the only color I wore as a toddler, if only she could have been invented 25 years ago!! I would have loved her!! She isn't like every other Disney Princess, she is in a blended family!! Ok well so was Cinderella, my point is..Sofia's mother married the king so that gave Sofia "Princess Status" by marriage, cute huh? She was a commoner who came from nothing. She has a step siblings as well that she has to learn to get along with. 
Disney created Sofia with the intentions that she is going to teach young girls that what matters the most is what is on the inside and not so much on the outside. She is humble, loyal, and trustworthy...and is going to teach life lessons. I believe Disney on this one. Young girls need a show like this...yes she will not be on a movie just yet, she will be on a TV series. Sofia's mother is Hispanic, I think the name Ramirez gave it away!
I just hope that this Disney character does not crash and burn as some of the stereotypes of the others include, caked on makeup, the best clothing, almost no clothing (Ariel), rich, and always put together...to find love and a happy ever after with a Prince of course!! The Prince of course having the chisled face and muscles to go along!! C'mon, it isn't like that in real life unless you are RICH! With the right amount of money, I am sure I can make all that come true!! LOL!!
I am not sure if I will be watching the new princess as I have two small boys, well who knows, they really don't discriminate against cartoons. I just know that I will be asking for a "Sofia the First" cake for my next birthday!! Tiara to go along! If you have young girls, this character may be worth a shot!

Monday, December 12, 2011

"California Whopper" our style!

Our Version of the BK "California Whopper"

Chris and I hardly ever go out to eat, maybe once or twice a month if that. Here at our PX (shopping area) we have Burger King, Kebab Place, and Anthony's Pizza or you can opt to go to the commissary (grocery store) to get a deli made sandwich for a much better deal!!! I think the deli is way better than SUBWAY!
Burger King and I have a past, yeah when I was 16, I worked there for a year. I quit the day I graduated High School because quite frankly I did not enjoy the way we were treated. The thing about Burger King though is that I LOVE their WHOPPERS! I special order mine and my husband has it down to a "T." Whopper with cheese, no onion, and extra mayo! Has been like that for years!! UNHEALTHY of course, here I am advocating health and fitness and I am eating Whoppers! Shame on me!! Even if it is only once a month, I feel extra guilty but satisfied at the same time!!!! 670 CALORIES!!!
So the other day Chris had noticed that they had the "California Whopper" on the menu and yes we tried it, anything with California in the title has to be COOL! As you may know in California they have sandwiches all over the place named after the wonderful state as well as burritos! California Burger, Burritos...the California Burrito has french fries, guacamole, carne asada (steak), cheese and sourcream in it! YUM!!! Most "California Burgers" include avocado in it...and subways in California offer avocado as a side!!! YEAH it is an avocado producing state!
So the "California Whopper" has to be good, it was but unfortunately the Avocado part of the sandwich tasted like something straight out of a just add water packet!!! EWW!!! Chris and I master-minded the idea of making our own "California Whopper," the "A" Team way!!!   It went a little something like this:

Ground Turkey, hand made...one (1lb) package, throw it in a bowl already defrosted. ADD all the Spices You Want, pretend it's beef! (LESS CALORIES AND FAT) (1/4lb= 180cal) That is enough for one burger.

Each time I get a coupon for a spice, I am sure to use it!!

Add your veggies, as in the BK Version, they add tomato, lettuce and some variation of guacamole, JUST GO WITH THE REAL THING!!

and then BAM: Throw it all on a Wheat Bun!

The taste you ask??
Well we have been eating ground turkey instead of beef for about 2 years now. We hardly ever notice the difference, with your favorite spices, it tastes great!! I love this version of the burger because I do not feel guilty eating it at all, fresh veggies and avocado, can't beat it. I may have missed adding pickles but regardless, it was great. I also added one serving of fat free mayo and a slice of all American cheese.....ENJOY!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Playground Across the Street

Jorelys Rivera
I was very moved by a story that was all over the news these past few days. A 7 year old little girl who was kidnapped, brutally stabbed and sexually assaulted to be thrown into a dumpster one block away from her home. Jorelys Rivera was a young girl who ventured across the street to play at the playground, 50 feet away from her front door. A 17 year old was in charge of looking after her as she played. This story hit home because I have a stepdaughter who is 11 years old, lives with her mother in an apartment complex with a playground near her front door. She is almost always unsupervised with a cell at hand in case of an emergency when she stays with her mother. I only know this by what my step daughter tells me. I am at a loss for words!
I don't quite understand why so many children are left behind. In my neighborhood for example, there are always children playing unsupervised. Two young girls one of which is 8 and the other 5 sit at the playground for HOURS as their parents stay in their house about 50 feet away. How is this ok?? Please don't expect other parents to watch your children!!! If your child has been kidnapped it is because noone was watching your child.
Jorelys Rivera's mother was inside her home sleeping with two other young children while her daughter ventured out to the playground. The story is that someone either living at the apartment complex or near the complex committed the crime in a vacant apartment. This could have been completely avoided.
I live in an area of all military families outside of post with no gates, so anyone can just drive through. At any given moment a child could be kidnapped, thrown into a car to drive off into Germany, France, or North to Holland.
I urge you to watch your children, the playground by no means qualifies as a free babysitter. I am sad that I continue to see this happen around the installation, off post and on post. Sad thing is that if you see a child alone in this country, as long as the parent knows their whereabouts, they are ok to walk the streets. Unbelievable!!

As for Jorelys Rivera, may you rest in peace. I am thinking about you, the missing children, and those who have lost their lives too soon.

OSMW Facebook Page: Just a bunch of "Mean Kids"

Recently, I posted a video speaking out against bullying, specifically against Military Spouses. The video was posted on my YT and on RealMilitaryWives.tv to bring light that some facebook pages should not be designed to bring others down...especially by posting pictures of people without consent. I figured it made a valid point and I did not expect everyone to agree with the video. I also didn't expect the attention it got either. Yay I am "famous" now, give me a break people!

I was personally messaged that my video had been posted on Overly Sensitive Military Wives, a group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/Dependopotomus

Since my video made it on a site to be ridiculed and judged, I thought why not then state the site. Although I never mentioned the specific site in my video, so many followers from Overly Sensitive Military Wives from facebook decided to attack me for making the video. BRAVO! Do you all feel a sense of satisfaction now?
Some of the comments that were posted on the video basically defended the group as a place to vent because of the stresses of being a military wife. I am sorry but sending the message that talking about others to relieve stress is acceptable, is completely wrong. Others stated that it is ok to post and comment on that site because after all they are only making fun of themselves...lol. Not really... then post your own pictures and leave those alone at the PX or Commissary. I now understand why some military wives choose to stay in their homes and never leave, because of people like them.
I stand by my video and SO what if I use "LIKE" and "UM" in my video and my teeth are not perfectly straight!! I made the video to prove a point. BULLYING exists among Military Wives. It isn't about rank or anything else you all assumed it was about.

**I admit I was a fan of the site until it started to cross so many lines**

OSMW fans write:
So.. I went to my husbands Christmas party today.. I might have been the skinniest one there, and I'm six months pregnant. :-\ Is THAT my future?! Lqtm
So I was just at michaels in jville, nc and saw a woman who appeared to be 6 or so months pregnant wearing a USMC hoodie with 4 kids in tow. Of course the 1 year old was being pushed in the cart by the 5 year old. Mom was 2 aisles over. I wish I could have gotten a pic. Darnit
Ladies, isn't it true that skinny-ass men marry fatass women because they have small dicks? What other reason is there besides she's the only woman left in town who isn't his cousin?
For clarification purposes....A OSMW can be any or all of the following: a fattie, rank wearer, tag chaser when her husband is gone, lazy, has heathen kids, no education, and above all not trying to change any of the above?
Damn it, damn it, damn it! Where is your camera when you need it to capture the ever elusive dependapotamus wearing her pajamas while sauntering around an Army hospital?!
Dear OSMW creator, I did not ask you to post my video on your page to be ridiculed by your cult of negative and rather ignorant people. As you saw, your SITE was never mentioned in my video and it was not MY FAULT that you assumed it was YOU!
By the way you function since you are very predictable:
You sat there, wrote an abstract about what the video is about and asked your followers to make comments, but making sure they all post valid arguments so that you don't sound uneducated.  But what you really got was a bunch of people posting ridiculous comments about how they are not wives who sit in  pjs all day putting others down. I am sure you posted things about what I looked like and sounded like, TYPICAL POST ON YOUR PAGE. Thank you for proving my point, you continue to bully wives. Making statements about overweight people, "frumpy wives," and people who carry or wear military inspired clothing and purses. I hope you watched the spoof at the end because this is really the image you are setting forth by your site. Military wives who have nothing better to do with their time.

OSMW Rules:  No hate speech or slang. Instant banning. Singling out a specific person is not tolarated if the intent is meant maliciously. (Someone you know that you want to get even with.)
Isn't this what you are doing on your page????
Singled me out with no reason!

All this talk about how we are supposed to "REPRESENT" the military because afterall our husbands are wearing the uniform....is looking a little grey at the moment. Many of the followers who commented on my video stated that because we are military spouses we should be held at a higher standard, translation: We should not look like a "hot-mess" at the commissary  because God forbid the fashion police is going to fine us and tell us to get out! But since I am representing my husband in uniform, it is ok to join pages like this to talk bad about overweight people and how they dress? THIS is how you represent your man in UNIFORM?? Afterall, all of your names appear on that site, even when you post a picture or a rude comment!
This tornado of events will not end because I am sure someone will post below how wrong my blog was and defend the site saying it is something positive. It is a site that helps people get through deployment, really?  It is a page that represents military spouses today, really?  It allows women to vent, give me a break!
As for another comment made about how military spouses do not have busy lives, I laugh at you. Not all military wives have time on their hands, some of us work, go to school, take care of our children, or are in the military themselves. To assume we don't have hardships if we are stay at home moms, blows my mind. Do you know what goes on in everyone's lives?? How about hardships outside of our immediate families?

Stand up for what you believe in always, even if you are the last one standing. Thank you for reading!!!

To think that the CREATOR of this site is a MEMBER OF THE U.S. MILITARY....this is the representation of the MILITARY?? GOD HELP US ALL.

FURTHERMORE here are their warning labels:

"To the misguided souls who believe this is a bashing site: Consider the bigger picture. Its not just about fat people, but big people in small clothing. Its not just about cheaters but exposing multiple offenders. Its not just ACU purses & bumper stickers but rolling around town with a target on your shoulder or car. Its all about seeing some of these things within ourselves, and laughing. Don't be hurt, move on.

Be aware that there will be swearing and people will make fun of others. It's all in good fun and thats the end for warnings :)"

To have to post a warning label on the site, just proves that they had to make an excuse to act like ignorant people.


Disclaimer*** I am a U.S. Military Spouse and proud of it. I never stated that I wear my husband's rank. I choose to not wear ACU patterned accessories and I am quite fit. I am not perfect and I am happy that I am not.  I am currently a STAY at Home Mother and PROUD OF IT.

Judge me for NOT JOINING THE MAJORITY, make false claims if it makes you feel better!! IF YOU CHOOSE to post my picture, make sure to get one where I am having a bad hair day. It will at least get you to talk about me.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

More than a Military Spouse!

While in the state of Colorado
"More than a Military Spouse!" is a facebook page I created in order to bring a group of women, military spouses, friends, and family, together to share their stories, feelings and passions. You know I am a very proud Military Wife and I will say that over and over...but at the same time I feel, we are more than that. We do have goals in life, dreams, and careers. The misconception of a Military Wife is that we have no lives..and that is so far from the truth. Many believe that military spouses sit at home, run at home business, take care of the children, and that is it. While many military spouses do have these characteristics, many do other things too. I entered the military lifestyle when I was 20 years old. My ex husband was a Marine and I quickly began learning about the military..in fact now that I think about it, I would study Marine Corps knowledge, dorky right? That marriage ended in divorce because not everything works out like you plan it.
In Belgium!
I am married to Chris now who is in the Army and while I had a gap in between marriages, I learned A LOT about myself, being independent and not having to count on anyone but myself. I lived in a town and state I was not from and had to develop a sense of belonging on my own so I went back to school. I had to finish what I started and went back to get my Bachelor of Arts...I wanted to become a police officer! I was ready too and had my application set. Well during this time, I had decided I wanted to move back to Chicago where my family is from and start a new life,closer to family, but then BAM!!!!! I met my husband, well he found me! (that will be in a later blog). He was in the Army at that time for 6 years and had just gotten back from a deployment.....WE FELL IN LOVE FAST!!! I had aspirations to become a police officer and that quickly changed within the year.....we got stationed overseas! There isn't any way I can do that out here!!! So now I am a stay at home mother of two boys and my step daughter during the Summers. I enjoy it!! Ok fine I admit, I have had moments where I just wanted to go back to work....those days I am usually exhausted....we have those days. The point is, we have dreams!!! I created the Facebook page for military spouses who want to share their stories. Some military wives are passionate about cooking, making crafts, dogsitting, reading celebrity gossip and so much more...I LOVE that about this community, we are so diverse. So I made the page to show that we are more than military spouses, we are women that can be in a group and accept the differences between us. I try to avoid drama on there and I post questions on there all the time, hot topics, celebrity stuff, recipes, videos, and if you want to share your blog there, that is ok too!!! SO sorry for all the run-on sentences! I would love for you all to join and invite your friends, the link is right on my blog, scroll down some and you will see "More than a Military Spouse!"  or click here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/129619020448514/?notif_t=group_activity

It is amazing what you can learn from another person walking in similar shoes...I treasure that always!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I want to take a moment and thank all of you who read my blog!!! I appreciate it!!! I wish I knew how to respond to your wonderful comments you send me!!! I am almost a year into this and still have not figured out how to do a quick reply to your comments! HELP!!! LOL!! I have had the pleasure to see some of you on my facebook page and Youtube! I think that it is really awesome to be able to connect that way, so I think I will just say thank you for the recent comments!!! I am looking forward to our PCS to Ft.Lewis, thank you for the nice comment on "Let's Postpone Christmas.." That was totally last year and I hope my little one puts on a smile for this years pics! If you do have a blog, please send me your links!!! If you follow Youtube, you are more than welcome to sub, it is free!!! Also, my facebook group is open to anyone in the Military, wives, fiances, or girlfriends...family members, friends!!! Invite everyone you know! I don't mind.
If you have an at home business or run a business, you can add your websites there, afterall we are all MORE THAN MILITARY SPOUSES!! I enjoy what I am doing on Youtube and on this blog...along with my facebook page. I want to try and do something positive with the Military Spouse Image as in recent days I have found so much negativity lately. I am trying to change that, one video, post and comment at a time!
Thank you again for following my blog!!!! I enjoy writing for you ladies, the only thing is, I get inspired on some days and want to write 3 or 4 blogs and on other days I get writer's block!! If there is anything specific you would love me to blog about, please send me a message!! I will also take requests for videos on my youtube channel!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A house divided. Housework that is!!!

Should stay at home mothers be responsible for all housework?? That was the question I asked recently on a video I did for RealMilitaryWives.tv. (see below)
 I did get a mixed review....well my video made it seem like I didn't do too much around the house. I just want to say that I am lucky that my husband wants to help me around the house. He isn't your typical, I work, you stay home and clean while taking care of the children. He participates in the housework without asking, especially on his days off. I shouldn't have any complaints. I have many friends who have husbands that expect the woman to do everything around the home, even husbands who have never changed a diaper in their life!!! How does that happen?? It happens because some women love taking care of the home and feel it is their duty.
My father was a really great role model for me as well as my mother who stood up for what she believed in. She made it seem like my father was in charge but secretly we all knew my mother wore the pants, as much as she loves to deny it. I am not saying I wear the pants, because I consult with my hubby on everything...even on what color lipstick I should wear! Sounds corny...but I have asked my hubby if I or he ran the house...he laughed and said that I do...but really we both do.

Chris making popcorn on the stove, funny!

I don't know if it is because of the Army that my hubby gives me choices...because he knows with the Army, I have sacrificed a lot. He doesn't owe me by any means for being in the Army but I think he has guilt. He also believes in fairness. My husband and I never use the word "LET" as in "HE LETS ME", or "SHE LETS ME," because truly we do not own eachother. We obviously make suggestions but we don't ever boss eachother around.

My Mother and Father bbq'ing together!!

Let us talk history, growing up, my father was 1 in 12 children in his family so contributing to the family was important. My mother was raised by her grandparents and at the age of 15 she moved back to the U.S. to work and send money back home. When my parents married, my father did expect a lot. My mother tells me how she had to serve him....as in cook, clean and take care of my sister, but somehow that evolved over the years. My father taught my mother to cook...in fact, that is the story I get all the time. My father and mother always worked full time and so they split housework...my father cooked, cleaned, took care of the children and even did my hair before I went to school!! I saw that my father was not ashamed to be in a woman's role every once in a while. There is no shame in a man wanting to take care of his household, even if it is scrubbing a dish or two.
My household is ran a lot like my parent's home. My husband does a lot compared to other husbands and I appreciate it so much, he even gives me "me time" when I want it. He works 12 hour shifts and I am home with the kids, trying to catch up on housework and when he gets home, he does take the kids. Sounds unfair on paper....this is what he does without even asking:

cooks breakfast, lunch or dinner
folds laundry
takes out trash
plays with the children
changes diapers even poopy ones
and many other things...

The list is long and I am not trying to brag, but he actually enjoys taking care of us.
The reality of it all is that my husband doesn't want to miss out on anything, even if it is folding laundry. He was away for most of his daughter's childhood because of deployments and so he fills his free time with home stuff. A fear that many Soldiers have. He loves taking care of us....spoiling us really. I have never been in this kind of relationship ever!!! I am very greatful for what I have and hold on to it tightly.
We have our days where each of us refuses to do dishes or fold laundry...that will happen, but in the end we work together on making our household function, we are happy. We will gladly tell you that.
**disclaimer** although I never feel like I ever do enough, my husband tells me I do. He says that it's challenging being a mom and staying sane at the same time.  
To all the stay at home mommies out there who do all the housework, I commend you because it is very challenging to do. I know many of you love that role in your homes, and you should be very proud.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Let's Postpone Christmas!!

Last Year's Christmas Tree
 The stress of the holidays is near as well as our PCS. I had decided to skip putting up the Christmas tree since we will have to take it down fast to get the heck out of here. So the hubby asks, are we going to put the tree up or not??? The last couple of Christmas' I had to place all the glass bulbs on top of the tree because my son was into grabbing them and smashing them on the floor.  My sons are 3 years old and 21 months....do I dare put it up? I also have a dog this year and he likes to play a lot...decisions decisions.
I thought of everything I would stop feeling if I didn't put the tree up. I think I would miss out on the warm and fuzzy feeling of the holidays. I would miss seeing the look on my son's faces when we finally light the tree. As a military spouse you automatically think, this could be our last Christmas together....I hate thinking that way. I treat every holiday as if it were our last, so why should this one be any different?? I think I have become lazy when it comes to holidays, I have no idea why. When I think of a holiday, I think about stress. It can be stressful!!! It has only been my hubby and my sons these past three years, wishing of course my step daughter was here to share it with us.
Bahhhhhh Humbug!!!

Lately, I have been feeling that Christmas is just another holiday where people spend too much money on material things when really they should just be happy to spend time with family and friends.
Did you know that Black Friday is called Black Friday because most retail stores are at their lowest sales during that time of the year so they need Black Friday sales to boost their sales??? Crazy!!! I worked retail for 9 1/2 years, why didn't I know that!!? I have worked during Black Friday all those years and thought, why do people fight so much over stuff!!
I don't know when I became this way, always thinking about saving money....instead of spending it on material things..I think it is because I feel like I don't need anything. The thing is, I don't really want anything. 
I suppose my decision is made. This week the Christmas tree goes up. I don't want to miss out on the warm fuzzy feelings, that may be just what I need to give me a boost!!!