Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Golden Images

While in California this past month, I was very lucky to have met a man by the name of Abel Sanchez. Abel is my husband's father's best friend since they were very young. He would take pictures of my husband's family for years!! He has amazing talent and a big heart! I was just happy to meet him after hearing so many great stories about him and his lifelong work, photography. I love taking pictures everywhere I go and I am not anywhere as talented as this man. When we were in California, my husband wanted to reconnect with him, so we went for a photoshoot in the beautiful city of Redwood, CA. We spent time in several locations outside with amazing backgrounds. I loved hearing stories of my husband's father as he is no longer with us. I feel like it is a step closer in getting to know my father-in-law. So the day was quite rainy prior to going to the photoshoot and it was our last opportunity to take pictures with Abel because we were leaving to Europe the next day, but when we arrived...the sun had come out and it stopped raining! It was so amazing how that worked out!! All in all, I loved the experience and it was our very first family photoshoot, and I feel blessed Abel Sanchez was our photographer. If you would like to see more of Abel Sanchez's work, please visit  http://www.goldenimages.com/!!

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