Saturday, February 26, 2011

Men who cook are.....SEXY!!

The HUBBY cutting up the boiled Chicken...

Chicken burritos and EYE candy! I will take it, especially since the eye candy is my hubby! I love the fact that my husband is not embarassed about being in the kitchen, because I know some men that claim they would never be in the kitchen, let alone cook in one!! He does it with pride, and he loves it, but most of all he loves cooking together. On this night we made Chicken Burritos, Spanish Rice, Refried Beans and Homemade Tortillas! The tortillas were great and it was my husband's first time making them. I did help but he did most of the work and turns out, he can roll them out better than I can! I don't know if any of you have ever seen the movie "Like Water, For Chocolate," but in that movie when the girl who cooks is feeling a certain emotion, that transfers to her food. So when a person eats it, they feel that same emotion too! I believe that happens when my hubby and I cook together, our food just seems to taste so much better! CHEESY I know...or shall I say SPICY! I hope you enjoyed :) !!

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