Friday, February 11, 2011

My Special Valentine!!

I made a comment today on a video I watched on Youtube where I stated "that this day is just another day where retailers make money" and the more thought I put into it, the more I realized that this day means much more than that. Yes, some say that retailers bank off of holidays like these..and it is true..but today means a lot to those who are away from their loved ones. Those military men and women who are away from their spouses, fiances, boyfriends or girlfriends...wish they could just kiss and hug and say those three special words "I love you." This day means so much to me because I am not guaranteed a Valentine's Day with my husband next year. I am not sure where the Army will take us or my husband for that matter. All I know is that on Valentine's Day this year I will be holding, kissing, and loving my husband as much as I do any other day..because being in the military life, means you have to live each day and moment as if it were your last. My special Valentine is my husband, but this year I will also be thinking of every wife and husband holding their pillow tight, wishing and praying their spouse will be home safely. They won't care if they receive diamonds or chocolates, they care if they will be able to get a message from them on this day. Please think about all those lonely hearts out there, and cherish everyone who is near you. This day is dedicated to love and understanding. This day is dedicated to the love of my life Christopher, who I cherish for always. I love you.

Chris "you are the apple of my eyeball"

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