Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sleepless Nights...

So, before I and the family went on a trip to California, both my boys would sleep through the night..but now that is a completely different story. They had trouble adjusting in California because they were in an unfamiliar place and I thought it would pass but the whole three weeks, they were awake all night for the most part. We returned to Europe a week ago and I thought the jetlag had taken over..and it did, but now I am not sure what the reasoning is for their sleepless nights! So last night I decided with the help of the hubby, to completely separate them by moving my son's crib out of the room temporarily.....outcome....another sleepless night!!! I am not sure what is going on except maybe that my youngest son is teething so that would explain his irritability with life at the moment, but my other son is compelled to play all hours of the night...any suggestions anyone?? I am up at 6am with my youngest since he wakes up every 2 hours...oh how I long for my pillow and blanket these days!  But, all in all, I love my little beans and this is what motherhood is all about. Every sleepless moment is worth it because throughout the day I am reminded at how blessed I am to see their smiles and hear their laughs as we joke around all day! Mommy and Daddy are tired these days but we are doing this together so that is all that counts. I love my little beans <3

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