Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So I have been trying to do Zumba for an entire hour each day and let me tell you, my body is exhausted!!! Zumba is so much fun and energizing while doing it, but I get so tired..that is def not going to stop me!! For those who have never tried doing Zumba, I highly encourage you to because it is a dance workout where you can really choose your own pace. I workout at home with the Nintendo Wii and also at the gym, with two great instructors!! I love it so much that I purchased my very own workout shoes..from NIKE and they are amazing. Zumba is one of my passions and don't worry if you do not know how to latin dance because you will catch on in no time. Another thing I love about Zumba is that the music is great and for you mommies out there, it gives you a chance to leave your house and attend a dance party!! So get your water, sweat towel and gym shoes, because it's time to get your dance on!! I will be updating my weight loss progress right on here so if you are interested in that...keep reading!!
December: 8 lbs lost!
Jan: Maintained weight..
Feb: so far 2lbs lost!!!
I am super excited and can't wait to fit into my clothes again!!

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