Saturday, March 12, 2011

THRIFTING isn't just a hobby...it's MORE than that!!

Asian Room Divider (ebay retails) $775.00-$885.00! (antique)
I bought it for $5.00!!!

The face I usually have when I am ready to go thrifting! In fact I was looking for yard sales on this day!!
I love thrifting, whether it's a garage sale, flea market or even a parking lot sale. Here in Belgium, parking lot sales on SHAPE (military base) are such a great place to sell and buy items you wouldn't normally find in a store off the economy. I can't wait until the season to start! I love thrifting for many reasons, one of which, I can find unique items at very low prices. Parking lot sales on SHAPE include sellers from other countries and that is why I enjoy them. Thrifting in general can be a hobby and for me it is a passion. I know sounds gross...I mean who wants to wear other people's stinky clothes?? Well I do, and with proper wash and care, they become like new. I am not embarrased to say that I love thrifting. I encourage you to do it. It helps out the earth as items are being reused or recycled. How is that bad? I save money by thrifting and the best part about it, I get bargains on items that can be worth 100 times more than I got it for!! For example, I went to one of my favorite thrift stores on base "Grandma's Attic" where I bought a wool sweater, not thinking it was anything special...and I found out after a little bit of research that it was worth $225.00!! I bought it for $2.00!! Yeah bargain!! The original tags were still on it!!
When I go thrifting I mainly shop women's clothing of course!! I also shop children's clothing where I find great deals on name brands for my kids. It does not mean I am cheap, it means I am a smart shopper! Kids grow so fast and what better way to save money. I also go for unique items for my house. At the px you can find all the normal items that everyone else has, same picture frames, wall hangings, and the same style of clothing. When I thrift I feel like I am stepping into a new store all over again! As many families come and go here, they drop or consign their items and that is great for families who want to save money instead of having to buy all over again at a regular dept store. Money can add up especially if you are shopping with Euro.
So if you are interested, check out one of your local thrift stores and see what kind of treasures you will find! Happy Shopping!! I am off to go thrifting!! No lie.. :)

Remember: Most of the time you can talk a price down, just choose your words wisely!! My husband taught me that!

For all you THRIFT-OLOGISTS ( I coined the term, just ask SammyDavisVintage)!! You are officially TAGGED!!

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