Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who taught me how to cook??

My father and I dancing in the kitchen!! Love it!

My mother and father who I will forever look up to!! Cannot forget my baby boy!
Well, when I was young I noticed my father and mother would always either rotate on breakfast, lunch and dinner but I always wondered who was the better cook? The answer: both of them. I asked my mother one day who taught her how to cook and my dad laughed! Turns out my father taught my mother most of what she knows about cooking. Now, I did come from a very traditional Mexican family and most of the women always cooked...but when my father met my mother, my mom did not have that much experience...and then it all changed! My mother is a wonderful cook!! I would watch my mother as a little girl and wonder how she could have the main course, side dishes, and dessert finished all at the same time. She is a great multi tasker when it comes to cooking and hope that one day I will be just as good as my mother. But back to the story...my father taught my mother how to cook..I thought:  NO WAY!!! In fact my father worked as a cook at the tender age of 11 or younger.. I forget. Anyway, my father can cook and grill anything! I still love watching him in the kitchen when I am home visiting because he will turn on his traditional Mexican music and just cook away, and the kitchen would smell awesome!!! We highly believe in spices and marinating whenever possible. I love traditional Mexican dishes but my father is great at anything...he can cook the most yummiest SLOPPY joes ever, Carne Asada (grilled steak), Menudo, Tamales, Tacos, and the list goes on!! Oh and did I mention, they never measure any of their ingredients..yes and now I do that as well! I learned so much from both of my parents and I am still learning from them...my mother sends me recipes through the mail and I just love it! The moral of the whole story: don't be afraid of the KITCHEN, the best MEMORIES come from the kitchen. I also wanted to mention that Jenn from "ChancesImTaking" on youtube and blogspot mentioned some of her favorite cookbooks and I will also be sharing that with you as well really soon! I can't wait to share some of my favorite recipes with you. In the meantime...think of something yummy and post below what your favorite dish is...go on! ! !

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  1. My parents barely cooked growing up, if they did it was typically something simple or pre-made/frozen. Once I met my husband he loved cooking and encouraged me to get more involved in the kitchen. I'm hooked now.