Saturday, April 9, 2011

All Dressed Up!

This year my husband decided to take me to the International Regimental Dinner where we would be honoring a Colonel at SHAPE NATO. The first thing on my mind the day he said we were going was, "what am I going to wear" and "how formal is it?"  I was nervous and I didn't think I would know anyone attending. I took the positive approach...and took this as an opportunity to step outside the box and get to know others. I sure did meet some awesome and diverse people. Let's get back to before the dinner though! I chose to wear a velvet dress I had in my closet for about 2-3 years.It still had the tag on it and I was praying it was going to fit me! Well as I tried it on I thought for a moment...is this dress going to be formal enough? I was so worried until my husband walked in the room and his jaw dropped, I suppose because he liked what he was seeing! LOL!! I went with the dress and decided not to change my mind. I thought about wearing a gown but was too afraid it was going to be TOO formal. I was right, no one had gowns on! Everyone wore a shorter but dressy ensemble. Some women even wore pants to the dinner. So I felt I had made a great choice that night.
So the dinner went really well, it started at 1830 and we were almost late!! I was worried the entire time because my husband happened to be the lowest ranking military member there and if he was late, he was going to be in a lot of trouble!! But one confession of the night, we snuck out not only once but twice which is a huge NO NO!!! We were sneaky enough not to get caught! It was so much fun!
The attendees were wonderful, I was able to meet one of my husband's bosses and he was very entertaining. I sat across from another wife who happened to be married to an Italian soldier. She was from Italy but had traveled to Canada, Bosnia and other interesting places. I enjoyed the conversation and the food was great. I really would love to encourage you to go and experience a Regimental Dinner because you will learn a lot about camaraderie, etiquette, and military knowledge!
Don't be afraid of meeting new people from other parts of the world, you will be amazed at all the stories you hear! I just want to thank my husband for a great night. It was truly amazing! I will be adding some more about Regimental Dinners in another post, stay tuned to that one!!

If you have been to a Regimental Dinner or a Dinner Mess, please leave your story down below in the comment box!!

For the complete outfit of the NIGHT!! Watch below!!!

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