Thursday, April 28, 2011

A True Nightmare

I can't believe that this is all happening and so close to home. They have not struck where I am from but it is very possible. I am so far away from home where my parents are and it worries me every day that a natural disaster will happen and I will not get there in time. I call my parents every Sunday and I have made it a point to do so because you just never know. I have been living away from my family since I was 22 years old and never moved back. I think about all the times where we thought a tornado would touch down and it had always been on the outskirts of our small little farm town. The first time I ever saw a tornado touch down was in Colorado! Twice! I used to have dreams when I was young that I would be stuck in a thunderstorm with tornados all around me and I was always scared that would happen in real life. I CAN'T imagine what all the families of the victims are going through right now. There are tornadoes and floods happening right now as we speak. The footage they keep showing on the t.v. is just like my nightmares only worse because it is REAL. I just hate the fact that the focus of all the tragedy right now is the Royal Wedding. So many people interested in what hair the bride is going to wear, what her makeup is going to look like and what her dress will be like. THEN we have families who right now are suffering...their thoughts involve finding a new place to live, evacuating their homes, and worrying about more rain and tornadoes, and mourning their loved ones. I feel so helpless right now. My prayers and thoughts go out to all the families affected by tornadoes and floods. A NIGHTMARE that has been turned into a REALITY.  

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