Saturday, May 7, 2011

Baseball in his Blood!!

This blog post is dedicated to my husband.

It all began here: Nov 26th, 2007.
On the phone for the first time with my husband:

Chris: Sofia do you like baseball??
Sofia: YES
Chris: SO what is your favorite team??? In his mind (please don't say the LA Dodgers)
Chris: NO way really?? I love the SF GIANTS and LA is their RIVAL.
Sofia: ha ha!!!

Chris said this could have been the deal breaker but since I at least liked the sport, he let this one slide!!
And well it was my good looks and personality that won anyway! Of course!! lol!

Baseball has been a huge part of my husband's life. He has been playing since the age of 5, so that means he has been on the field for the longest time. When I met him though, he had stopped playing..too busy to play maybe or just didn't have the right motivation. Baseball had been forgotten, but when we met of course he had just come home from a deployment. The first year we were together Chris tried out for a baseball team in Colorado...and boy did he love the feeling of getting back on the field. On the way home today from his baseball game (Brussels Astros Vs the Knights) I asked my husband how old he was when he first started playing and he gave me a story...I love his stories by the way because he goes into so much detail and when I listen to them, it is like I am living it.....
He said he began playing at the age of 5 but stopped at the age of 12. Grades he said, his parents benched him until his academics improved. Which is fair. So he began again at the age of 16. Later to quit playing....I believe at the age of 17. He was good too!! I have a better appreciation for baseball now because my husband explains all the plays and what certain things mean. Back to the story....So when we received orders to come to Belgium, my husband was concerned that they wouldn't have a baseball team to play on, so he settled for softball on base. He enjoys softball but BASEBALL is in his blood!! He later found out that they do play baseball in Belgium and not only that he could try out for it...so needless to say he plays now for the Brussels Astros. The teams here are only allowed to play two AMERICANS at one time on the field, crazy!! We have players on the team that are Belgian, from the Dominican Republic and from the United States. I was surprised to see that. It is also amazing how many languages you will hear in just one baseball game, don't get me started on tournaments because there are even more languages to figure out.
Since being here my husband has played for the city of Mortsel and now the Brussels Astros. Let me tell you, they make them sign a contract here and if you somehow quit, you have to wait a year to be released in order to play for another team, just like the pros!!
Watching my husband play baseball makes me proud, as much as I fight about the drive up there and the stress of chasing my boys while he is playing, it makes me happy to see my husband on the field, because he is having a great time. He deserves that time for everything he does for me and my family. He deserves that time for all the stress he receives at work. He deserves it for being a great man. But best of all my boys get to watch him play too. My 2 year old loves playing as well, he bats left and throws left. Watching my son and my husband play in the backyard instantly makes me teary eyed. My son will always remember it, and when he plays on his first team he will remember daddy teaching him how to throw and how to swing his bat. My son gets so angry too when his dad doesn't set up the baseball on the tee fast enough. It is so funny!!
My husband's batting average is 400 as of today and this may not mean too much but he is playing just as good as he was when he was in high school. He was an MVP in high school (Most Valuable Player). I am getting good at the acronyms! I love the sport because my father would play when I was little and he would take me along to watch. He is a Chicago Cubs fan and to this day I will call my father and he will give me a play by play of how the Cubs did during the week. I miss watching baseball with my father. I think that is why I love to watch baseball with my husband, it is weird how alike my father and Chris are, but I will save that for another post!!
My husband will probably play baseball until he can no longer run the bases. I just can't wait to see him as the Tee Ball dad!! I will cry for sure when that happens!!
So to cut this short, my husband doesn't have to worry about sitting the bench unless of course too many players show up for the team!!!
Baseball in our house means a lot. Needless to say I am a SF GIANTS fan now!!! But I still keep my LA DODGERS gear buried in my closet for laughs.
Chris if you are reading this, I am proud of you and all of your RBI's, HITS, and even your OUTS. Something about you in uniform still gives me butterflies!!! 

For my father in law who is in Heaven, Chris still proudly wears his SF Giants hat and your tshirts, which I make fun of because they have holes in them, but will never allow Chris to get rid of them. Your scent is still there no matter how many times we wash them and Chris will always remind me that it was once your tshirt and how much you LOVED the SF Giants.

I love you Christopher and your continued and never ending LOVE of the GAME!!!

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  1. “And well it was my good looks and personality that won anyway!” – That and your love for sports! While reading your post, I can feel how much your hubby adores and loves baseball. And he really goes out of his way to do his passion. I think it is good that you support him all the way. This would mean so much to him. :-) [Audrea Willey]