Saturday, May 14, 2011

Criminology or Psychology???

So since I was in Junior College, I have been at a crossroads on what career path I was going to follow. It was either going to be teaching ESL or teaching English. I had no idea so when I went to get my Bachelors Degree I immediately became a Sociology Major, how that happened, I HAVE NO IDEA! I was sort of intrigued by how people lived and by what made them decide on how to live. Sociology wasn't my only major though, I decided to double major in Spanish as well. I had taken so many classes because I was a minor but my advisor told me if I went an extra semester, I would only need 3 more classes to get my Major in Spanish, so I DID. I also took an emphasis in Criminal Justice as well because I love studying the behavior of criminals. Towards the end of my senior year I was working as a Loss Prevention Officer at a Retail Store and loved it so much that when I graduated from College I was going to apply to become a police officer in Colorado. During this time as well I met the love of my life, Christopher, and we fell in love FAST. So fast that by the time I decided to write out my application I found out I was pregnant!!! I had my degree and was ready to start my career and in the course of my pregnancy I received a promotion at work which made me into a Asset Protection Coordinator (Loss Prevention Manager) just another fancy name for it. I didn't enjoy that job at all but it allowed me to sit at a desk while I was pregnant instead of chasing down thieves. So for about 9 months I did that until we received orders to Belgium and I gave birth to my first son.
Right now I have been out of work for almost 3 years!!! That is a long time since I have been working since the age of 12. I have been taking care of my kids and enjoying the time off but at the same time I get so stressed out that I just want to work and help my husband financially. He says I don't need to but sometimes I feel like I am 100% dependent on him.
I am at a CROSS ROADS now. I am going to start my Masters Degree really soon and I need to choose what path I want to go in, do I go into law enforcement or get into Psychology. Either way I want to help women and children and even men. Whether it is fighting crime or sitting down and talking to them on a professional level. I want a career. I have experience in the law enforcement field but I want to do more with it. So for now, I will be thinking of what to do and what is available. Chris and I do not have a long way to go here in Belgium, in fact we are looking at 3-7 months. WOW!!!
Today I did a little research on the job market and opportunities....so in the meantime, I will still be getting in shape and living a healthier lifestyle, thrifting and doing zumba. And in one week, my step daughter will be here and I AM SO EXCITED!!! I will keep you posted on my master plan once I figure it out!! LOL!!

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