Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dear Father In Law, It has been 5 years...

Dear Mr. Gerard
I didn't get a chance to meet you but I hear a lot about you. I hear it through your son's stories, his photos of you and now I feel you coming through my two boys. My oldest son has your hair, it is wavy and thick and he loves dancing to funk music! He also shares your name. Your youngest grandson, he also has your wavy hair and your smile. Kayla, she has your brains and motivation, she is strong and has a beautiful heart, but you know that :).  I know that you are looking down on us and even though I did not get to meet you, I feel your presence all around. I just want to say thank you for raising a son who is such a great father and husband. I see pictures of you in our house and the resemblence between you and your son is remarkable! I truly see you in his smile. Do you know what else is amazing, all of your grand kids have your hands and all of your sons too!! Your family blood is strong, that is for sure! I miss you. I know some may question, how can you miss a person you have never met? Well, I miss all the times I didn't get to spend with you, I miss the fact that we will never share a SF Giants game together, and I miss all the stories you would have told me about Chris growing up. I miss not being able to have a relationship with you and I miss the fact that you never got to meet your grandsons. I miss all of that and if I could only meet you for one day, I would say this, I am so proud to be your son's wife and the happiness he has brought into my life has been a miracle, he came into my life when I needed him the most and he would say the same.. I believe you had something to do with it from up above. I just want to say that you are greatly missed and it has been five years since you have left this earth to be above watching over all of us, I know you are here poking at the boys and making them laugh out of nowhere, you are here with us through the music we listen to. There isn't a day that goes by that your Son Chris is not thinking about you, because I can really see it in his eyes when he looks at his own children. He always wishes that you could have met me and I ask him all the time, I wonder what your dad would do if he were here with us right now. I wonder what he would have thought of me? Would you have liked me? Chris says of course, he would have loved you! I hope so. I just know that on this day and every other day you are remembered. I have had the pleasure to meet your other children and let me tell you,  I love all of them as if they were my blood.  I am truly proud to be a part of your family, always and forever.
Your Daughter in Law

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  1. I don't really know the background to this letter, but it's beautiful! I'm a new follower. Feel free to check out my blog too, if you'd like. It's so much fun meeting other military wives :)