Monday, May 23, 2011

Kayla: Summer Time Blog 1

My gosh it seems like forever since I have been on my blog, well usually a week missing seems like forever. I have been so busy!! My step daughter is now here for the Summer and we are spending as much time as we can with her! She has grown a whole two inches since we saw her last August, and she is now heading to the 6th grade!!! It scares us because she has grown up so fast. You know usually the first question I get regarding my step daughter is "do you two get along?"   I, with a huge smile say, "Yes we do and she even calls me mama when she is here!" The relationship that I have with Kayla is as if I had given birth to her. I know I am not here to take her mother's place and she knows that...but I love that she trusts and confides in me. I am so happy she and I have always had that relationship, she has always had a smile on her face since the first time I saw her. Kayla is so smart and beautiful, we have always encouraged her to shine no matter what the circumstance. She understands that she has two families but it can be tough at times for her. Yesterday she had shared something with me that really touched my heart as she was staring out the window. She said "you know mom, I just wish that I could pack this whole house up and take it with me when I go back." I almost cried just thinking how much she misses it out here. She has a glow about her everytime she is around her daddy and her little brothers. I love spending time with her and bonding, we normally just eat and talk most of the time! lol. So far though she has shown some interest in sports and her daddy is EXCITED!! I will share more about Kayla's stay while she is here because let me tell you, our Summers are ADVENTUROUS!

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