Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Moody Man Lives in My House

Ok, so I exaggerated just a little. A moody man doesn't live in my house all the time, but he comes out once in a while, but the best thing about it, is that it doesn't last that long. A military wife on my YT channel asked me if I could make a video on how to help turn your moody man into a happy one. That is tricky because every man is different and especially in the way they deal with certain situations. I answered the question as promised!! I asked my husband for input on this one, he is so great at giving advice and so BLUNT about it. LOL! I know I can always count on a straight answer with him. One of the answers he gave me I did not share on the video and that was The "S" word....yes MAKING LOVE...SEX, whatever you want to call it. It makes a lot of sense actually. Love Making can be very exhilarating, relaxing and scientifically proven to make a person happy or in a better mood!! Maybe I should have added it!! Anyway, I have so much fun making videos for anyone who needs advice or another perspective. I was happy to make this one because it gave me the opportunity to communicate with my husband about it. And well now I know what makes him in a better mood....CHOCOLATE ICECREAM, and here you thought I was about to say SEX. lol!! Anyways, get your mind out of the gutter....just kidding! So next time your husband comes home in a bad mood try one of my tips or tricks, IT MIGHT WORK.  Let me know what you have tried and comment down below if you have any advice on this topic!!

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