Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Response and Reflection

Just recently, I posted a video called Sofia's Spiel: Deserved a Voice. I will post in down below.  Some of you may have watched it and some of you may have not, that is perfectly ok. I was on there venting about some messages I had received from another Military Wife and well it did not have a positive outcome whatsoever. I was blocked before I even had the chance to respond. I learned an important lesson though that is for sure, BE CAREFUL on who you give advice to even if they are asking for it. I didn't intend to start any drama with my video, I wanted to share what I thought about the messages I received. In my heart I still feel the same way. Now the video was shot "in the moment" and maybe if I had taken a day to wait and cool down, it could have been more rational. I still don't regret the video though. I feel that every person should be GIVEN the opportunity to defend themselves, with words and their thoughts especially. We all have our own opinions on things because we all have been raised differently around different people. I used to be the shy girl who hardly ever spoke in high school, however, I had many friends because I was very OPEN-MINDED. I tried to be friends with everyone. On my YT channel I offer advice on Military Related Topics, Relationships, and on anything else anyone wants to hear an opinion on.
I feel like I was attacked by offering advice from someone who specifically asked for it. She is a NEW military wife who needed help. I have had some experience in many things about the military. I was previously Married to the USMC and now the ARMY. I have had my share of knowledge and insight on how some things are run or NOT run in some cases. There are NEW wives out there that know MORE than me and I LOVE that. I love that I can learn from them because they are FRESH new faces. We all know a little something about a lot of things because we have LIVED through it.
My point here is to say that we all have lived through very distinct lives!! We are all different. Not one of us is stronger than the other, we can't live our lives separating ourselves because we really only have eachother in this world. I received messages from one particular Military Wife that stated "I am STRONGER than YOU" and "I have been through MORE in my life than YOU will ever go through." Really? Was that really necessary? I know what I have lived in my life and by no means can she ASSURE me on anything that has anything to do with my life, because she doesn't know me. I don't know why she says she is STRONGER, what does that mean, some people are able to live through the most traumatic and heart breaking situations in life and others just curl up into a ball, is that what she was referring to? You can't measure a person's strength, you can only feel it when you get to know that person or hear their story. In closing I will say, I am proud of my soldier, I am proud of what I have accomplished so far in my life because it isn't over yet and by far I WILL NOT let this MILITARY wife bring me DOWN. I just wish we could all just get along.

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