Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sister, I miss you. Rest in Peace

Dear Robin,
It has only been 3 days since you have been gone. Just like that I heard the news in the most horrible way. Through facebook. They didn't even give your family a chance to find out through other means. Trust me Chris was angry. It wasn't fair. It had only been a week since I wrote your father a letter in hopes that he could read it up above in Heaven. But now you are there and I am still in a state of shock. I can't believe you are gone. We were just planning your visit to come see your nephews whom you never got to meet. Why?
I am writing you this letter now to share some things with you. I hope you see this from up above. Robin I love you and you are so beautiful!! I would remind you all the time that you look just like your brothers. Your brother Chris, is hurt. Really hurt. I think you spoke to him through the radio that very next day and you seemed to have said the right things. I, am walking around like a zombie. Chris, he always wanted to protect you. I found out first on this side of the family. I notified your brother and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. "Robin, she is gone," I said. You truly are the little sister I always wanted.
Robin you had so much going for you and in fact just the other day I told Chris, "isn't it neat that Robin is in massage therapy and your dad was too?" You had a piece of your father with you this whole time, he was in your heart like he is in the rest of us. I feel like I was short changed! I have been trying so hard to get close to Chris' family and you who barely knew me always called me sister and said I love you! I love you too, and as I sit here, I cry because once again....I feel empty as I watch your brother cry, I hold him and tell him it will all be ok. I find comfort that your daddy up in heaven is now holding your hand and guiding you. But I just wish you were here so we could have talked, everything would have been ok. Robin you are beautiful, smart, and the most unique person I had ever met and I am truly honored to have shared smiles and laughs with you. Most of all I miss the time when you rubbed my tummy when you found out your first nephew was going to be born. We truly miss you and we will be there when we have to let you go forever, on a beach in California just like you wanted. Hugs Baby Sister. I love you and tell your daddy I love him too. May you rest in peace and smile at us from up above.

Your sister in law
I love you both will all my heart.

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