Thursday, June 30, 2011

All of this for Free?? No Way!

So there is a website on Facebook for military members specifically located on SHAPE/NATO in Belgium where you can buy and sell items, SHAPE FOR SALE!! This site can be addicting, but yesterday in fact I was not on the site to buy, I was on there to sell. I ran across a post that stated "I have a box of clothing I am going to be giving away for free, anyone interested in coming to look at it?" I thought I will email the person and see if I can just go over to look at some things. Today I arrived at her home as she only lives about 5 min from me on post and the woman had a huge box of clothing marked charity/trash. She was planning on PCS'ing out of here in July, that is soon I thought. She called it "going on holiday." I thought she meant a vacation, but anyway I was shocked to see the large box. I was going through the box and saw that most of the items in there were brand new or at least maybe worn only once! And, they fit me!! I was picking out clothes and periodically I would ask the woman if she was sure that she was giving it away. IT ALL LOOKED NEW, I am not kidding. I chose many sweaters, cardigans and dress pants as soon I will be returning to the work force! I asked her at the end if she was sure she was going to be giving them away for free, and then I offered to help her sell them, she said she didn't want to bother with it and she would end up tossing the box out. I thought to myself, could this really be happening?? These clothes are in great condition and how is it that she could just give them away to a total stranger? She was very generous and I ended up with 30 items for FREE. I throughout my life have just given away items, just last week I gave my friends some items but she wanted to swap, I received a whole bag of clothing for my kids and another box full from another friend. And well today three bags full of clothing for myself. My husband and I always talk about how great it feels to give to people who need, we do that no matter what. We share meals, give away items and donate clothes. If we can't use it someone else will. I never ask for anything in return or expect anything back. But this whole week I have been receiving so many things...you know God is great, and I have many great people around me. I am happy to be surrounded by them everyday. Today of course was different, a total stranger was so giving and didn't expect anything but a thank you, the world is great!!
I felt so warm inside today and felt so special. There isn't any reason why we shouldn't all be this way. Help thy neighbor. I know I will continue to do so.

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