Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fake MAC Cosmetic Brushes!!

First, I just want to say, sorry for taking so long on posting!! It has been a hectic month, a lot of tears and sad moments to say the least. I have been in hibernation mode. I have however have been trying to keep busy.

The Fake Set

A couple days ago I received my PRIZE! Yay I won a contest on Youtube which happened to be the celebrity inspired makeup contest and I really have no idea when it comes to makeup. I just have fun with it and like to pretend that I know what I am doing. So I received three things, a set of 8 MAC cosmetic brushes, and two sets of fake eyelashes. I have never worn fake lashes before!
Unfortunately, the brush set was fake and the kind Youtube lady who sent them had no idea that she bought counterfeit brushes from a seller off Ebay!! Yeah so here it goes:

The REAL set of 8 made in the YEAR 2006!!
There have not been any new ones since!!
 I did my research because upon discovering the package in the mail, it was clearly sent from China (not the seller)..weird. I opened it and it had a funky chemical smell!! A harsh smell which is not normal for MAC. There are a few things wrong with the brushes. The paint, emblem, construction of the brush and other things. I actually posted a whole YT video on the brushes, not to slander the sender because I am pleased with them, it was just the excitement of owning REAL MAC brushes and then they turned out to be fake. It was not her fault at all, she was a victim. I don't own any MAC except 3 eyeshadows, one blush, a lip pencil and a lip gloss. That is it in my 25+ years of living. I don't gravitate towards MAC at all really...you know I am just sad that this poor girl paid for brushes that turned out to be fake.
Did you know? 99% of MAC Brush sets on Ebay are FAKE? Yeah and if you see MAC Brush sets online in sets of 6 or more, they are more likely fake too!! So Buyer Beware!! I will include some photos here and if you have any questions, please post them below. The eyelashes I received turned out to be fake as well. Remember MAC is fairly expensive so when you see a set of 8 for only $20.00 you should really question it!! I know I did.
Another tip, research!!! Knowledge is Power, don't get scammed!!! This goes for other brands such as Coach, Gucci and others! Thanks for reading!!

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