Saturday, June 4, 2011

IKEA is Dangerous!

Ok so normally I would be saying that IKEA is dangerous because I can find myself lost in there leaving the store with 200 Euro worth of stuff. That should be the only worry I have when I shop there well besides losing my kids in all that stuff!!
But BOMBS??  What...? Ok so when I opened my yahoo mail today I read several of my messages, one of which caught my eye. "Bombs in IKEA." This hit too close to home...Belgium. Not the one I normally shop at but the one I have been wanting to go to. Which happens to be only one hour and a half from my house!  I was surprised to hear this but then again, no I am not. We have to be aware of every place we go nowadays. I don't mean to be scared to leave your house, but be extra cautious. You know with all the politics happening now and well the recent news of Osama Bin Laden, things have been quite scary here in Europe. Most days I don't think about it because as you all know, I have trouble sleeping at night. But on this email in particular, it worried me. I attend places where things like this could happen quite easily! If we can be a target shopping at a furniture/decor store, we can be a target anywhere. Two small bombs were detonated inside an IKEA in Lille, France and the other in Ghent, Belgium. Two makeshift bombs, which injured only one person. One person is enough. I just don't understand why things like this need to keep happening. Hasn't the world seen enough? I mean really IKEA. You know the first IKEA I ever went to was here in Europe. Brussels, Belgium actually and I fell in love fast! I love their decor although their dishes CHIP easily and the furniture isn't sturdy...but still I like it a lot! They have two whole floors of goodness, a place to eat lunch and an area where the kids can run and play!

He could be famous some day!! She was close, he is a DJ!
 Let me tell you a funny story: the first time my hubby and I went to the IKEA in Brussels, a lady was following us through the store. I thought she might have been security or a secret shopper...but in fact the very same lady stopped my husband and asked if she could take a picture of my husband with her cell phone! WHAT!? Through our broken French and her broken English which went a little something like this: "hello, you are like PitBull, work with Snoop Dogg yeah?"   She thought my husband was a celebrity, a rapper...so she wanted a picture not only with her cellphone but with my husband beside her. I thought it was funny!! I will always remember that. See these are the moments I like, not ones where we have to worry if a bomb is going to go off while shopping for curtains. I know that sounds insensitive, but that just makes me mad!! Let me know what you think? Should I feel unsafe after this?

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