Friday, June 3, 2011

Night Shift

My husband does not have a regular 9-5 job in the military, in fact his schedule is so wacky I am not sure how his body and mind can take it. Five days on, four days off and then it flips...oh and then he works two day shifts, three night shifts...or three day shifts and two night shifts...it is so hard to keep track. Let me talk about his night shifts...I HATE THEM. Ok so I should appreciate the fact that my husband is home and not deployed but I believe I am so attached to my husband so much that I feel his pain of staying awake all night as he works. It could also be that I just get insomnia and don't feel like sleeping. It may also be paranoia..yeah I think so. I don't feel safe until my hubby returns so I feel like I need to stay awake just in case. Just in case what??? I wish I knew.
The reasons why I don't like his night shifts:
-They seem to take so long!
-I am more afraid of what can happen at night than in the day.
-I don't like his eating habits, doesn't help his goals to stay in shape.
-He gets tired easier. The list goes on.

Chris already knows that I stay awake so if he gets a chance he will call me around 1 am just to make sure I am in bed. Nights like these I catch up on my FB, FB group page, and my blog. I also think of ideas for my YT channel which I have hit a brain fart. I also think about my plans for the future. I don't want to get too deep into this but it is true. I take his night shifts and ponder about my plans and goals. I think about what it would be like if my hubby had a normal 9-5 job...not in the military. Yeah I shouldn't be thinking like this but sometimes I can't help it. He and I discuss it but could it become a reality some day..the day I return to work and not have to worry if he is going to deploy. You know in this economy I am just happy one of us is employed, things could be worse. I will say I am proud of my hubby and what he does for our family, I know he hates night shifts but someone has to do it. I am happy just knowing that he is patrolling and keeping the streets safe at night, at least on post! I sure do miss him though. I will say one thing, he doesn't sleep a whole lot when he gets off night shift just so he can spend time with me and the kids, now that is a loving and very dedicated man right there!!!  Good night everyone or shall I say good morning!!!??  


  1. My husband also works strange hours. He works everyday, sometimes all weekend as well. Some days he gets home at 12pm and other days it's 12am with very little to no notice. He is always on all, and it annoys me not knowing when he will be free and when he won't be. It's not easy, but you are right…it could be worse. I'm proud of my soldier, and of how hard he works. I doubt I could take on his job and maintain the positive attitude he has.