Monday, June 13, 2011


I am a mother of two toddlers and a 10 year old!! Let me tell you, if the house is in silence, either my kids are into something they are not supposed to be in or I AM JUST VERY LUCKY! I take advantage of those moments, SILENCE. I just start to daydream and I collect my thoughts because really that silence only lasts for about 5 min. It seems surreal at times that the house can be in total silence. Today for example I was downstairs with my 1 year old teaching him how to walk across the living room and my other son was upstairs watching his toy story movie which he happens to be addicted to! Kayla was spending time with her dad upstairs as well, listening to music videos and even though the house was not in total silence, I still enjoyed it. We as moms don't get too much silence but when we do it is almost like we are in a SPA in a far away land!! LOL!! I am not saying I am annoyed by my kids because I am not but those moments are too far in between, ENJOY them.
So for now, I can hear my son jumping on his bed with his movie on, Kayla looking up places to visit in ITALY and my other son, is trying to take a nap. Daddy is reading a book...more silence!!!  So as I write I am thinking that I am so blessed to have a family around me because even though I enjoy the SILENCE once in a while, I really enjoy the laughs, stories and funny things my kids and my husband do throughout the day. I would not have it any other way!!

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