Thursday, July 28, 2011

Turbo Fire Day 6

Hi everyone!!!! I started TURBO FIRE!!!! Chalene Johnson is kicking my booty, today is DAY 6 and I am excited. Yesterday I did the HIIT 30 Class and Zumba later in the evening and I am no longer sore!! I don't know if that is a good thing but I am feeling good. I now have a workout partner....one of the Army Wives here is going to be joining me as our kids have a play date, we will be working out in my living room! It is time for change! So my goal is OCTOBER 9th. A personal date for me and an important one. I hope to be flab free!! I was thinking of counting calories but I feel I will fall behind and get frustrated so I am sticking to my normal diet, no binge eating or too many sweets. So far so good! I love the feel of sweat...sounds gross right?? Well I think of it as my body getting rid of dirt and grime! Try it!!! But don't forget to wear deordorant!! LOL.  I will continue to track my progress here on my blog and on my Youtube channel. SO TURBO FIRE is great, you should try it!!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For Christopher, Happy Anniversary, 3 years as an Army Wife

Three years ago on July 21, 2008  I became an Army wife!  One of the happiest moments of my life or shall I say scariest!! Little did I know that just a few months later my husband and I were about to receive orders to Belgium!! And in that same year I was going to have my first born son! SO many changes all at once but I knew what I was getting myself into. Being an Army wife is challenging and there are tons of ups as well as downs. Luckily for me I get to experience it all with my love at first sight.  I am just happy to have met the love of my life, the second time around. Meaning I was married before but this time it was going to be different. The Army is a huge part of my life and my children's lives. We breathe it and live it. My husband, he is a little different, he doesn't talk about it too much unless of course he is ready to go to training or is taking a course or something like that. Otherwise the Army basically stays on post.
When I met Chris, I wanted nothing to do with the military let alone be in a relationship. He changed all that from the first moment I heard his voice. His tone was different and it sounded so sincere to me. I decided at that very moment that I had to meet him, or maybe he wanted to meet me, either way we fell in love over a phone conversation, I JUST DIDN'T know it. I refused to believe it too. The funny thing about it all is that we both had no idea we lived only 5 min apart!!! I thought he lived in California and well he thought I was either in California or Illinois...but we were both in Colorado! I am going to admit, we had a hell of a time the first few months we were dating, it was hectic but we managed to get through it....8 months into our relationship we eloped. It was the most spontaneous moment of my life...it went a little like this:

Chris: Do you want to get married Friday??
Sofia: Really?
Chris: Yes really.
Sofia: ok.

But for some reason we didn't decide to go then, something came up and I really have no idea to this day what was more important, but that following Monday, we got married! Or it could have been on a Tuesday!!! AHHHH!!!

Anyway since the moment I saw Chris I knew just then that he was going to be my husband. The look in his eyes was so genuine. Not to mention he had the most amazing smile I had ever seen!! I won't get into how great his butt looks......ok well it is nice! LOL!! Enough about my hubby!! I just want to say that I am very happily married and noone will ever change that...I don't even look at other guys...unless they are The ROCK and maybe Wentworth Miller....just kidding. Babe if you are reading this, I am kidding. You know I like to tease.
A wedding anniversary in the military is highly celebrated and some people always usually say "WOW really 3 years?!" Ok so maybe the military marriage track record isn't so great but I know that my marriage is forever...I feel it and I have faith. I won't believe anyone who tells me otherwise. I fell in love with my soulmate and he tells me the same. Chris and I don't ever go a day without saying "I love you." That means a lot.

I am proud to be an Army wife but most of all I am proud to be Chris' wife. He means more to me than anyone in the world (besides my children) and separating from him would break me to pieces even though I have those moments when I just want to leave....temporarily....then I am back to wanting to be stuck like glue. I don't want him to ever leave either...but in his occupation it is almost nearly impossible. I know when the time comes it will be very hard but I know that we will make it. Being an Army wife these past few years has changed me. I was that crazy independent person who always wanted to run and now I am that crazy independent person who wants to stay, and lucky for me my husband accepts that craziness. He accepts me for me. Noone has ever done that. He accepts my flaws and he loves to remind me of my perfections...perfections in his eyes of course. I can be me all the time too and not hide, that is what I love about our marriage. So far we have traveled the world together, he made many of my dreams come true (Italy*) and most of all giving me my two little boys and Kayla was a bonus!! We have gotten through worst times, sickness and in health and we vow to continue to do so.
To end this, I just want to say, Happy THREE Year Anniversary Christopher, I hope to so many more in our crazy life of ours, but again, it is a SWEET life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you my Bean.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mi Dolce Vita, say what??

My Blog has changed, I was inspired and decided to change it all up. It will still consist of blogs written by me of course!! I wanted a new look and a fresh name so therefore it will now be called Mi Dolce Vita, yes it is Italian and NO I do not speak it!! It means "My Sweet Life." I love the way it sounds! I love the Italian language, so much that I plan on learning it so that if one day the hubby and I decide to move there, I will be able to communicate!! I have been slacking lately on posting new blogs as well as videos on my Youtube Channel, but I am coming back slowly as I rearrange my daily schedule at home....it is tough but I will get there. Having kids is challenging and being on a schedule where I get enough sleep to have enough energy the next day is hard!!! ENOUGH about that....let's talk about my improved blog...I changed it and I am happy with it. I may change the pictures often but for the most part I like it. I am navigating through it slowly and adding things here and there, but the one thing I have not figured out is responding to comments left on my blog...anyone please let me know how I can respond to my readers!!??  I would love to talk about HOT topics on here, you know those topics you hardly hear about in the military...the forbidden ones, of course without giving away names, ranks or dates!! Let me know what you think about the new look and name, oh and if you would love to hear about my travels I will be happy to share!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Challenges of Being a Step Mother!!

So far this Summer has been awesome with my step daughter Kayla, although I hardly ever call her that. I say she is my daughter. She is not treated any differently than any of my other kids. This Summer though has been a little rough as Kayla is getting older and starting to understand a lot more, not to mention all the questions she has been asking. I have been challenged a little, what do I say when she asks if her mother is ever going to get a larger apartment or if her mother is going to buy her any new clothing? Today especially made my heart sink as she told me that she really loves our mother/daughter relationship and that she wishes she had that with her REAL mom. I really don't have to try so hard with Kayla, she has had a smile on her face since the first day I saw her and since she saw me. I just find it difficult when she has a frown on her face and there isn't a thing I can do about it. Now see without giving out too many details, Kayla is extremely happy when she visits for the Summer and we are so sad to see her go. This year Kayla made a wishlist. Her wishes about the things she wants to change about her life, she is only 10 years old.
Her list:
More Space (larger home)
A backyard
Her Own Bike
Zhu Zhu Pet
A stuffed Animal
Conversations with her Mother
A larger Car
Toys for her baby Brother

These are some of the things she wished she had at her mother's home. I am so upset over the fact that we help take care of Kayla when she is not here and she is missing out on so many simple things in her life. It tears me up completely that in 3 weeks I will be putting her on a plane back home. I mean, I have no say over any of the things that happen or don't happen in her life back home (with her mom). My husband and I have tried over and over to have these conversations with her mother and all we get is a hang up or no response. What else is there to do? Kayla has everything here and we wish she could be here with us all year around, but most of all I want her to be happy wherever she is. Kayla and I have an awesome relationship and I wouldn't change a thing about it....the only thing I wish I could do is change her life a little, for the better, but as a step-mom I have no rights....not even in court. I feel so helpless and all I can do is listen to my little girl and tell her that things will get better. I just don't want to make her any promises HER mother can't keep, how do I explain that? Has anyone out there ever been in this type of situation?? I am happily to be stuck in the middle but not happy that I can't fix anything. Kayla is an amazing and talented young girl that has gone through so much already in her life and some days I just wish I could just keep her here so she can have a great life, with no adult worries. She shouldn't have to worry about half the things that go on in her (home) life. She should be a kid, treated like a child and taken care of like a daughter. I am doing the best I can trying not to step over any boundaries. I wish her MOTHER could see what I see in Kayla. When her mother was questioned whether or not the parenting plan could be changed all she said was "NO, I am her mother." Alright that is fair right? I am a mother too and I know when your child needs you, you should at least give a damn. As a mother you provide for your child and if you can't, you go without as long as your child gets what they need. You make sacrifices...you sacrifice driving a sports car so that your child has clothes for school, you sacrifice that Coach bag as long as your child has food to eat.
I am sorry to have vented on here but some of it has been boiling up...I need your opinions and advice...what would you do?? And would you share all this with the Mother??

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Procrastination Bites!!

My Body Right Now.
Ok so once and for all I am sticking to a workout plan whether it's Zumba or BeachBody Turbo Fire or Jam!!! I am sick of seeing my tummy area and I so want to fit into my old jeans!!! By old I mean New because I have not worn them for 3 years now!!! They have been collecting dust and have been stored away for three years going on 4!! So enough is enough and I met a young lady today on YT and added her to my facebook, her name is Stephanie and she is going to be my new BEACH BODY COACH!!! I am pumped to start the program and getting the body I really want! I am going to work hard and I am making my pledge here, it is 1140pm and of course I am going to need to go to sleep soon as I will be up early tomorrow sweating off some of this tummy and turning it into muscle. If you have been following I have been on an OPERATION BODY MAKEOVER for some time now, I was stuck at 127lbs then 119lbs and now I am between 111 and 113...then 114 and 115 on some days!! My lowest was this week at 110.5lbs and my tummy did shrink some. I had the stomach flu one day and well lets just say it helped shed some water weight! But back to reality, I need to stick to a program that is going to help me, mentally and physically!! So I chose BEACHBODY and I am going to stick by it! I couldn't finish P90X and one day I will, but I will start with something I feel I am capable of sticking by and finishing, Turbo Fire. I will try and let you know how it goes, along with my ZUMBA of course!! I just wanted to come on here and shout to the world that I am FED UP and I am going TO MAKE THIS CHANGE FOR ME!!!! NO MORE FRUMPY WIFE, well my husband happens to disagree with this, but NO MORE COMPLAINTS, I am going to start TOMORROW at 6am!!! Come along on this journey with me!! Did I mention I will be signing up to be a BEACHBODY coach??? I AM!!!

MY GOAL, and then some!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

No Youtube??

I have been trying to download youtube onto my internet explorer and it can't be found?? Is this a permanent thing or a maintenance day? Not sure but I am not freaking out at all as some people may be since they get paid by the website. I have not made it that far. I do love youtube don't get me wrong, but it is not my life. I mean some people have quit making videos for the fact that youtube pulled their partnership, or let me say their paycheck. I started my youtube channel to share information about the military and about thrift shopping along with saving money. I don't have many subscribers but I appreciate every single one of them. I find myself not wanting to be a follower at all and I suppose I could become a beauty guru but I have no idea where I would start. I love makeup and pretty things but that is not one of my passions. Thrift shopping is one of my passions. I love to thrift, it gives me a rush when I find something I like for a fraction of the regular price. But anyway, Youtube is down right now and that is just fine, no freak out for me. Totally Random Blog, it was either this or dealing with the stomach virus in my household, I probably would have grossed you out by that one!!! lol.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vatican City within Italy

When you think about Italy you might immediately think about The Leaning Tower of Pisa...or Pizza! I think about the Holy Monuments all over Italy and they are everywhere!! I enjoyed exploring Italy and its fountains. Did you know that Vatican City is its own COUNTRY!?? It is the smallest country in the world and inside it you can find a museum, their own post office and the Swiss Army. The only people who are allowed to guard the Vatican City must be Swiss and they must pledge to the Pope if they want to work there. I knew I would find metal detectors inside but I didn't expect to find elevator escorts. Oh yea and when you are on the way to Vatican City you will find many vendors selling you items like sunglasses and umbrellas. I suggest to talk them down on the price. I scored a 3 Euro Umbrella! Oh anyway, when you are on the way to the Museum itself you will find 100's of tour guides offering you to show you around. Beware you can get ear pieces inside with the tour that is way cheaper than to get a person to tell you the story. If you feel like getting a free tour, just jump right in with a tour that is already in progress!! THEY won't notice. Just kidding!!! My husband and I opted to research in the hotel everything we were planning on seeing so when we got there we could give our daughter the tour ourselves, we all learned together. Which made it more amazing to us. There is so much about Italy I am going to share, so these blogs will be ongoing!!! I hope you enjoyed this one and any questions about Italy, comment below!!! By the way Vatican City, is breath taking!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

I am addicted to this series and I am sure I am pretty late on starting it. I got hooked in the hotel when we pcs'd here to Belgium.  I love all the characters in this series, they all add a little flair to the series. Sally Field plays the mother and she reminds me so much of my mother, always in the kitchen trying to make her children happy with her advice and food. I love that about her, she is very involved with her children. I would definately talk about the whole thing but I want you to watch it if you haven't already. My step daughter and I are watching it together and some issues might be a little too old for her but then again have you seen what they play on the Disney Channel these days?? If you have seen this series do you find yourself wishing to have those kind of relationships with your brothers and sisters?? I do sometimes. You get so sucked into this series you actually start predicting what is going to happen next and let me tell you, I could keep watching this series over and over! I am on season number 3 right now, and it is great. They all are but I know I am going to be super sad when it is over. Kayla and I used to watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch together and now Brothers and Sisters, I just wonder which one we will pick up next Summer...any suggestions??
I highly recommend this series, it is full of suspense and family drama!!