Friday, July 1, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

I am addicted to this series and I am sure I am pretty late on starting it. I got hooked in the hotel when we pcs'd here to Belgium.  I love all the characters in this series, they all add a little flair to the series. Sally Field plays the mother and she reminds me so much of my mother, always in the kitchen trying to make her children happy with her advice and food. I love that about her, she is very involved with her children. I would definately talk about the whole thing but I want you to watch it if you haven't already. My step daughter and I are watching it together and some issues might be a little too old for her but then again have you seen what they play on the Disney Channel these days?? If you have seen this series do you find yourself wishing to have those kind of relationships with your brothers and sisters?? I do sometimes. You get so sucked into this series you actually start predicting what is going to happen next and let me tell you, I could keep watching this series over and over! I am on season number 3 right now, and it is great. They all are but I know I am going to be super sad when it is over. Kayla and I used to watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch together and now Brothers and Sisters, I just wonder which one we will pick up next Summer...any suggestions??
I highly recommend this series, it is full of suspense and family drama!!

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