Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For Christopher, Happy Anniversary, 3 years as an Army Wife

Three years ago on July 21, 2008  I became an Army wife!  One of the happiest moments of my life or shall I say scariest!! Little did I know that just a few months later my husband and I were about to receive orders to Belgium!! And in that same year I was going to have my first born son! SO many changes all at once but I knew what I was getting myself into. Being an Army wife is challenging and there are tons of ups as well as downs. Luckily for me I get to experience it all with my love at first sight.  I am just happy to have met the love of my life, the second time around. Meaning I was married before but this time it was going to be different. The Army is a huge part of my life and my children's lives. We breathe it and live it. My husband, he is a little different, he doesn't talk about it too much unless of course he is ready to go to training or is taking a course or something like that. Otherwise the Army basically stays on post.
When I met Chris, I wanted nothing to do with the military let alone be in a relationship. He changed all that from the first moment I heard his voice. His tone was different and it sounded so sincere to me. I decided at that very moment that I had to meet him, or maybe he wanted to meet me, either way we fell in love over a phone conversation, I JUST DIDN'T know it. I refused to believe it too. The funny thing about it all is that we both had no idea we lived only 5 min apart!!! I thought he lived in California and well he thought I was either in California or Illinois...but we were both in Colorado! I am going to admit, we had a hell of a time the first few months we were dating, it was hectic but we managed to get through it....8 months into our relationship we eloped. It was the most spontaneous moment of my life...it went a little like this:

Chris: Do you want to get married Friday??
Sofia: Really?
Chris: Yes really.
Sofia: ok.

But for some reason we didn't decide to go then, something came up and I really have no idea to this day what was more important, but that following Monday, we got married! Or it could have been on a Tuesday!!! AHHHH!!!

Anyway since the moment I saw Chris I knew just then that he was going to be my husband. The look in his eyes was so genuine. Not to mention he had the most amazing smile I had ever seen!! I won't get into how great his butt looks......ok well it is nice! LOL!! Enough about my hubby!! I just want to say that I am very happily married and noone will ever change that...I don't even look at other guys...unless they are The ROCK and maybe Wentworth Miller....just kidding. Babe if you are reading this, I am kidding. You know I like to tease.
A wedding anniversary in the military is highly celebrated and some people always usually say "WOW really 3 years?!" Ok so maybe the military marriage track record isn't so great but I know that my marriage is forever...I feel it and I have faith. I won't believe anyone who tells me otherwise. I fell in love with my soulmate and he tells me the same. Chris and I don't ever go a day without saying "I love you." That means a lot.

I am proud to be an Army wife but most of all I am proud to be Chris' wife. He means more to me than anyone in the world (besides my children) and separating from him would break me to pieces even though I have those moments when I just want to leave....temporarily....then I am back to wanting to be stuck like glue. I don't want him to ever leave either...but in his occupation it is almost nearly impossible. I know when the time comes it will be very hard but I know that we will make it. Being an Army wife these past few years has changed me. I was that crazy independent person who always wanted to run and now I am that crazy independent person who wants to stay, and lucky for me my husband accepts that craziness. He accepts me for me. Noone has ever done that. He accepts my flaws and he loves to remind me of my perfections...perfections in his eyes of course. I can be me all the time too and not hide, that is what I love about our marriage. So far we have traveled the world together, he made many of my dreams come true (Italy*) and most of all giving me my two little boys and Kayla was a bonus!! We have gotten through worst times, sickness and in health and we vow to continue to do so.
To end this, I just want to say, Happy THREE Year Anniversary Christopher, I hope to so many more in our crazy life of ours, but again, it is a SWEET life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you my Bean.

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