Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mi Dolce Vita, say what??

My Blog has changed, I was inspired and decided to change it all up. It will still consist of blogs written by me of course!! I wanted a new look and a fresh name so therefore it will now be called Mi Dolce Vita, yes it is Italian and NO I do not speak it!! It means "My Sweet Life." I love the way it sounds! I love the Italian language, so much that I plan on learning it so that if one day the hubby and I decide to move there, I will be able to communicate!! I have been slacking lately on posting new blogs as well as videos on my Youtube Channel, but I am coming back slowly as I rearrange my daily schedule at home....it is tough but I will get there. Having kids is challenging and being on a schedule where I get enough sleep to have enough energy the next day is hard!!! ENOUGH about that....let's talk about my improved blog...I changed it and I am happy with it. I may change the pictures often but for the most part I like it. I am navigating through it slowly and adding things here and there, but the one thing I have not figured out is responding to comments left on my blog...anyone please let me know how I can respond to my readers!!??  I would love to talk about HOT topics on here, you know those topics you hardly hear about in the military...the forbidden ones, of course without giving away names, ranks or dates!! Let me know what you think about the new look and name, oh and if you would love to hear about my travels I will be happy to share!!

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