Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Procrastination Bites!!

My Body Right Now.
Ok so once and for all I am sticking to a workout plan whether it's Zumba or BeachBody Turbo Fire or Jam!!! I am sick of seeing my tummy area and I so want to fit into my old jeans!!! By old I mean New because I have not worn them for 3 years now!!! They have been collecting dust and have been stored away for three years going on 4!! So enough is enough and I met a young lady today on YT and added her to my facebook, her name is Stephanie and she is going to be my new BEACH BODY COACH!!! I am pumped to start the program and getting the body I really want! I am going to work hard and I am making my pledge here, it is 1140pm and of course I am going to need to go to sleep soon as I will be up early tomorrow sweating off some of this tummy and turning it into muscle. If you have been following I have been on an OPERATION BODY MAKEOVER for some time now, I was stuck at 127lbs then 119lbs and now I am between 111 and 113...then 114 and 115 on some days!! My lowest was this week at 110.5lbs and my tummy did shrink some. I had the stomach flu one day and well lets just say it helped shed some water weight! But back to reality, I need to stick to a program that is going to help me, mentally and physically!! So I chose BEACHBODY and I am going to stick by it! I couldn't finish P90X and one day I will, but I will start with something I feel I am capable of sticking by and finishing, Turbo Fire. I will try and let you know how it goes, along with my ZUMBA of course!! I just wanted to come on here and shout to the world that I am FED UP and I am going TO MAKE THIS CHANGE FOR ME!!!! NO MORE FRUMPY WIFE, well my husband happens to disagree with this, but NO MORE COMPLAINTS, I am going to start TOMORROW at 6am!!! Come along on this journey with me!! Did I mention I will be signing up to be a BEACHBODY coach??? I AM!!!

MY GOAL, and then some!!!

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