Thursday, July 28, 2011

Turbo Fire Day 6

Hi everyone!!!! I started TURBO FIRE!!!! Chalene Johnson is kicking my booty, today is DAY 6 and I am excited. Yesterday I did the HIIT 30 Class and Zumba later in the evening and I am no longer sore!! I don't know if that is a good thing but I am feeling good. I now have a workout partner....one of the Army Wives here is going to be joining me as our kids have a play date, we will be working out in my living room! It is time for change! So my goal is OCTOBER 9th. A personal date for me and an important one. I hope to be flab free!! I was thinking of counting calories but I feel I will fall behind and get frustrated so I am sticking to my normal diet, no binge eating or too many sweets. So far so good! I love the feel of sweat...sounds gross right?? Well I think of it as my body getting rid of dirt and grime! Try it!!! But don't forget to wear deordorant!! LOL.  I will continue to track my progress here on my blog and on my Youtube channel. SO TURBO FIRE is great, you should try it!!!!!

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