Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vatican City within Italy

When you think about Italy you might immediately think about The Leaning Tower of Pisa...or Pizza! I think about the Holy Monuments all over Italy and they are everywhere!! I enjoyed exploring Italy and its fountains. Did you know that Vatican City is its own COUNTRY!?? It is the smallest country in the world and inside it you can find a museum, their own post office and the Swiss Army. The only people who are allowed to guard the Vatican City must be Swiss and they must pledge to the Pope if they want to work there. I knew I would find metal detectors inside but I didn't expect to find elevator escorts. Oh yea and when you are on the way to Vatican City you will find many vendors selling you items like sunglasses and umbrellas. I suggest to talk them down on the price. I scored a 3 Euro Umbrella! Oh anyway, when you are on the way to the Museum itself you will find 100's of tour guides offering you to show you around. Beware you can get ear pieces inside with the tour that is way cheaper than to get a person to tell you the story. If you feel like getting a free tour, just jump right in with a tour that is already in progress!! THEY won't notice. Just kidding!!! My husband and I opted to research in the hotel everything we were planning on seeing so when we got there we could give our daughter the tour ourselves, we all learned together. Which made it more amazing to us. There is so much about Italy I am going to share, so these blogs will be ongoing!!! I hope you enjoyed this one and any questions about Italy, comment below!!! By the way Vatican City, is breath taking!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this photo. That is a beautiful building. The architecture in Italy is amazing. I am going there this summer and can't wait. I have been researching Villas In Tuscany because I want the most authentic trip possible.