Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Newspaper Nails!!!

The new trend! Newspaper ink on your nails, sounds weird right?? WELL it looks neat..at least I think so and some ladies around here. I was at the thrift store the other day and a lady says "how did you do that to your nails?" And for a minute I thought...well.....about to explain, when I said "you know let me give you the link to my video on how to do it."  Was that too much...I mean should I have explained it there or offered her the instructions via Youtube? When she said, "you know around here there aren't very many nail techs and you would do great!"  She said I should charge for a service like this. I don't know a part of me would feel weird doing that since I don't have a license. I could do it out of my home....sure charge 10 Euro or 12 Euro for a full set..that would be great. But a part of me says no. Why is it that when I see an opportunity to make money I always feel guilty for charging people?? Anyways back to the subject. Newspaper on your nails is very much like the times when we would stamp playdough onto newspaper to grab the ink. It was fun back then. Now we place that ink on our nails giving us ladies a unique design on our nails, brilliant!!! I love the look so much and it is very fun to do. So I went ahead and shared it on Youtube for all the ladies on RealMilitaryWives.tv. Talking about that site, if you have not visited just yet and want to know a little about the military from a woman's perspective, a wive's perspective, tune in!!! It's FREE! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

HELLO world!!!

I took a huge break from writing in my blog and from my Youtube Channel, but that break is over. I took time to spend with my step daughter who just left to go back to the states yesterday. I wanted to make sure we spent as much time as we could together since MAY might be the next time I see her. Hopefully sooner. I miss her already. I have also been focusing on my weight loss journey, sticking to Turbo Fire, today is day 18 and I feel great, I LOVE the way TFire makes me feel. I am more energized and my body......well I have lost more weight. I am down as of today I weigh 110.5 lbs and I lost inches but I don't know the exact numbers. I am so happy!!!!! I LOVE IT!! Well, that was such a quick update, oh yeah, my hubby is away at training this is day 12 for him and he is doing great at WLC (Warriors Leadership Class). He is in Germany so I won't see him until he returns. This will be the longest we have EVER been apart so it has been a challenge but I am getting through it, ONE DAY AT A TIME. So in the meantime, I will continue to work out and eat right!! So far I am loving the results, hope my hubby will too when he returns!!! I know he will. Please let me know how you keep fit and what you eat to stay healthy!