Sunday, September 25, 2011

Au Petit QuinQuin

The title is in French but this blog post is not! lol. Chris and I ventured out to France last week and drove for 7 hours until we ended up at a very cute hotel near Mont St. Michel. We didn't know what to expect from the hotel but I am sure glad we stayed there!! As some of you may know, we love to save money even when we shop for hotels and Chris found this wonderful hotel on the internet and the price (55 Euro)!!! A GREAT DEAL, considering we have four people in our family that are traveling. We thought we were getting a double bed and a cot but instead we were surprised to find a double bed and bunk beds along with a cot!!! WOW!! The hotel was quite simple but very nice!! The staff was wonderful as well! They spoke English to us the whole time we were there and made us feel at home. The drive from Mont St. Michel was only 12km. Not very far!! Chris did a great job!! I do recommend this hotel and I suggest if you book it, do it through the internet, you will save more than 30 Euro on your stay! The cable is in French but no big deal because really you are there to sight see right, not stay in the hotel to watch tv. The hotel only had 19 rooms so it was very quiet and I loved that it felt like we were staying at a bed and breakfast.
Let's talk food!!! The hotel has a restaurant on the first floor and it was DELISH!! For dinner Chris and I had chicken and potatoes, the best I EVER had in my life, Chris agrees. The chicken was so soft and the potatoes, amazing! Oh yea, I had a salad as well, with warm cheese...I had never seen a dish like this before, I still cannot figure out what kind of cheese it was but it was a mix between blue cheese and ricotta. For dessert Chris and I ordered an Apple cake. The boys shared a kids meal of chicken and frits (french fries) but don't say French Fries, lol. They garnished their chicken with veggies in a shape of a smiley face, even though it was cute, my kids refused the veggies! For dessert they both had a crepe with chocolate on top, the crepe was delicious but I must say the chocolate tasted like it was burnt. Maybe it was supposed to smell like that...I don't know. ALL in all, it was fabulous!!
Breakfast was also delicious, I fell in love with their homemade jelly and croissants! Chris and I ate 4 maybe 5 of them together...we ended up purchasing a jar of Plum Jelly before we left (2 Euro) which is about $2.50. I highly recommend this hotel!! It was a great stay!

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