Monday, September 5, 2011

Castle of the Counts

The family and I traveled to the Gravensteen Castle in Gent, Belgium. It was amazing to see a true life castle in front of my face. It was breathtaking, not that it is the largest one here in Belgium but because it was an actual castle. The family and I took our own tour inside and the fee was not expensive at all. Of course we could not use our stroller inside as it had many towers and stairs to climb, but I did not mind at all. The kids loved it there and so did I, it was a fairy tale dream come true. The castle itself was used as a prison in the 1100s. Some of the underground structure was scary and dreary. I almost had the chills going through there. The structure was originally built to maintain law and order. Before it was used as a prison, the castle was used as a mint. There were many purposes for this castle as it had become abandoned many times. In the 19th century a cotton plant was built there and today you can still see some of the carts they used in the garden part of the castle. The most weirdest thing I saw inside was a guillotine, where I am sure there were beheadings in...ok so the original guillotine was removed but the blade was the original blade used back then!!!!!  All in all, it was so amazing to see the history of the castle right inside and to climb the towers and structures of the castle!!!
The view from above!!! The city of Gent...which reminded me so much of Brugge, Belgium.


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