Monday, September 5, 2011

Made in Italy: Sambuca

Sambuca, a clear white liquor made in Italy. It has a smell of licorice and can be mixed with various other liquids. In Italy it is common to serve Sambuca with coffee beans to give it an inviting appearance. Chris and I personally serve it with Coke Zero and it gives it a Dr. Pepper taste. This particular bottle of Sambuca was purchased right in Italy before boarding our plane back to Belgium, not even knowing what kind of liquor we were purchasing. We made it a point to share our Sambuca with friends. To increase the flavor of Sambuca it can be set on fire for a few seconds. Some have even lit this drink on fire and inhaled the fumes...can be controversial. I personally have not tried this. I prefer my Sambuca ingested with some Ice and Coke Zero. Did you know you can even add fresh water to this liquor??? And adding ice cubes turns it from transparent to dense white!! Interesting!! Always drink responsibly.

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