Monday, September 5, 2011

The North Sea

Ok so I thought it was the ocean we were at the other day. It was the NORTH SEA!!!  Christopher and I took a day trip near Oostende, Belgium...it was actually a different city I can't even remember the name to....bad memory!!  We went on a pier where I expected fresh blue waters!! NOT!! The water was grey and murky, not that of a normal ocean but the sand was beautiful!! Beach in Belgium?? Yes it exists and guess what...they were sunbathing there in bikinis, older women and men...the weather was too cold for us. Chris and I had long sleeves and the boys had sweatshirts. When we sunbathe we think 80 degree or so weather. Well not here...it was so windy and I had the chills the whole time. Another unique thing about the beach were the small little huts right on the sand...a closet to hold your lawn chairs, surf boards and things!! COOL!!! So it was cold but we had fun going to the pier in Belgium....I also snagged some sand for my special sand jars in my home!!!!

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