Sunday, October 2, 2011

Alma Hostel in Dover, England

The tourists!
The Alma Hostel
Chris is a bargain shopper as well as I am so this was perfect for us. So the rooms were small, but what do you really expect when you are traveling in Europe. We as Americans are so used to big everything, supersize this and supersize that...but here in Europe it is about simplicity and I LOVE IT! I was shocked at first to see how small the room was but it was cozy and I was sharing the space with my family so it was perfect. The beds were amazingly comfortable too and because it wasn't a commercial hotel the noise level was way down. It is located on a busy street and the halls inside the hotel are super small but it didn't bother us at all. There was a gas station right across the street oh.....and a huge CASTLE as our view from the front of the hostel. (More about the Castle in the next blog). Breakfast was wonderful and it was a Traditional English Breakfast which included toast, a croissant, coffee, juice, milk, one sunny side egg, baked beans, a large peice of ham, roasted tomatoes and a triangular hash brown. It was delicious! I am making myself hungry right now. So anyway the price...55 Pound for the four of us which was totally worth it!! My husband tells me that the reason why he stays away from commercial hotels such as the Hilton or Best Western is because the B&B style hotels are more personable. The guests are treated like guests and most of the time they learn your name. It feels more welcome and we are not just the people in room 302. I enjoyed the stay and our boys were so happy.
One Double Bed and a Single.
Our Closet Bathroom
The bathroom was literally a closet size, you could totally tell that it was a closet before they built it. IT was clean and that is all that mattered to us! This hostel overall was very clean and modern. At night I heard something crawling on the roof that totally freaked me out, the next morning I didn't know if I was dreaming or not until Chris told me I woke him up to tell him...ha ha, I must have been exhausted!

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  1. I noticed how small everything is there too!