Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dover Castle in England

A dream come true!

Dover Castle has to be one of my favorite castles I have visited so far. It has so much history in it, from the first century until now...the lighthouse happens to be the oldest structure on the whole compound. Dating back to the 1st Century AD. Only four rows are left of the lighthouse and it was much taller back then. Did you know that in the 1180's the Castle and its structures were lowered so that in case war would break out, it could withstand a blow?? The outer structures were reinforced as well.
There are underground tunnels underneath that were built to withstand a nuclear bomb...of course now we know that noone would have survived that..oops. Thank God nothing like that happened. The tunnels were built around the Second World War by hand!! It is amazing because most of the walls of the tunnels have graffiti on them caused by a chisel. I love the view from above as it sits right on top of a hill near the English Channel. There are tours to take of the underground tunnels, a military hospital and others. We sat through a reenactment of World War II when Gen Ramsay lead sea vessels across the English Channel to go rescue about 400,000 British and French Troops. We were able to try on clothing from that time period and explore the Castle itself. We climbed towers and saw a brief history of the Royal family. It was so breath taking for me and my family. Chris and I had no idea how much history was in that castle until we entered. We bought two books illustrating the Castle and its history. Well worth it! We spent 5 hours there and it went by so fast, so if you plan on going, plan on staying all day!! They had gift shops as well and a mini cafe. There is so much to see!

One of the oldest breeds of dogs that existed in that time period!! Greyhound

Trying on a Military Jacket from WWII

Christopher and Andreas at the top of a tower!!

Climbing to the top of the platform!

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  1. I saw your video on Military Wives TV and loved it! We hope to be stationed in Europe at some point too!