Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ferry to England!

DFDS Seaways is the first ferry I have ever taken anywhere...well not just anywhere, to Dover, England. I had no idea how ferries worked and I imagined our car on a 3 car ferry to England when in fact tons of cars fit on a ferry. We chose DFDS because the price rates are awesome, 40 EURO. Not bad!! This ferry actually arrives faster than any other one...and it is the least expensive, how does that work?? So we took the ferry and it took us 1 hour and 50 min to get across the English Channel. We loved every minute of it. They had a television set up with cartoons that my sons were able to enjoy the whole ride there. There were slot machines and food available for purchase, and a DUTY free store!!! I personally did not purchase anything although I really wanted the Urban Decay New York Pallet...but I wasn't going to get it as I know that I have makeup still in its package at home. The ferry ride was great, I didn't get sea sick at all and when we arrived on the other side we saw the White Cliffs of Dover with the Dover Castle on top!!! AMAZING!!! So if you are in Europe....check this Ferry out!! It is worth every Euro or Pound!!
Entering the Ferry!
Don't forget your passports!!! Look up DFDS online for cheaper rates!
White Cliffs of Dover

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