Sunday, October 30, 2011

70th Military Police Ball: Germany

Well at first when I heard about a Military Police Ball I thought it was going to be just like an Army Ball, it is a little different but the format is basically the same. We attended the 70th Military Ball in Heidelberg, Germany. All of Europe's Military Police attend and there were about 800 people there! The journey there was adventurous! I always usually get nervous about these events thinking..is my dress dressy enough, is it showing too much skin, what am I going to do with my hair???
I freaked out this time because we were going to have to drive from Belgium to Germany and it was going to take us 4 1/2 hours to get there. The freaking out part happened when we hit construction and we had left later than expected only giving us 45 MINUTES to get ready once we arrived at our hotel!!!! So when we arrived at the hotel I was trying to hurry, taking a shower, getting dressed, hair and makeup! I gave myself 10 minutes for hair and makeup and suprisingly enough, I WAS happy!! So we headed to the MP Ball and we were actually on time, I make it a rule NOT to drink before the ceremony, why??? Well because there are always 2-3 girls DRUNK as a SKUNK right before dinner and it looks so TACKY to me. My husband isn't like many of the other soldiers who attend the Ball just to find themselves slamming down drinks...he actually enjoys going to the MP Ball. I enjoy it too because my hubby treats me like his princess. I love it!! I enjoy the events of the ball, like meeting the honored guest LT GEN HERTLING...yeah I always see him on AFN so he must be important right??? LOL, he is important, he is in charge of the ARMY on this side of the world...EUROPE, he did say to me "I JUST LOVE YOUR DRESS" but I am sure he said that to many of the ladies there!! He is a very funny guy and his speech made me tear up. I took my video camera and wished I would have taken my regular camera because I wasn't able to get nice pictures, but that is ok....I had tons of fun. So I made a video explaining some of the etiquette, events and footage from the MP Ball and I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for reading my BLOG, it means a lot to me!!! Enjoy your Military Ball, MP Ball or Unit Ball, you are making history! Oh one more thing, PLEASE act like a lady as you are married to a MAN in UNIFORM!! Love you all!

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