Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shakeology, My New Bestie!

So what is going on with Shakeology??? Recently I became a Beach Body Coach and I ordered my Shakeology on Home Direct, so I get my Shakeology with free shipping every month. Not only did I order some, but my husband did as well!! I have been using Shakeology for a total of two weeks or so here and there without exercise and I have maintained my weight!! This shake really works!! It gives me all the vitamins I need and the energy I need to keep up with my very energetic boys!
I am starting up with Turbo Fire again today (October 2nd, 2011) and going to complete another month as I have to fit into a ball gown by the 22nd so that is my personal goal, to look fabulous for my husband's Military Police Ball. I can't wait and by setting a goal, it keeps me motivated!! I have tried many of the recipes with Shakeology and I JUST LOVE the Coconut Shakeology recipe!! I included another favorite in the video below!! Watch and Enjoy. For more information on Shakeology, please visit: http://www.myshakeology.com/SofiaAlejandra.

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