Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Unknown

Well my family and I have been stationed in Belgium for almost 3 years and wow, it seemed to have flown by!! When I first arrived, I really wanted to go back to the States as the new culture of Europe was too much for me. Of course not knowing French was a challenge as well. But now we are getting ready to PCS and we can't decide whether we want to move a month later or a month earlier but we weighed our pros and cons....so earlier it is...that is if the Army agrees!! We don't want to be stuck here for the holidays when our household goods will be gone...what's the point? So therefore we will be rushing this one along!! So it is the middle of October and well we have a couple months to get rid of everything in our house we are no longer using. I will be going through my closet, drawers and under my bed to shed some weight!! It so happens our ACS is accepting donations for domestic abuse victims...so it works out perfectly. My sons' room is the first one I will be going through, they have so much stuff, a blessing really.
The unknown is what freaks me out about moving. Like anyone else, I am wondering how I am going to make friends. Well easy, Facebook. Facebook has the ability to help in creating contacts even before you PCS to a new duty station!! I am part of two new groups, hope I can reach out soon! I am also afraid of the economy!! Yes like many Americans, I worry whether or not I will be able to find a job. I am looking into Universities right now to find a place to get my Master's Degree. So on my agenda I have School, Employment, Moving, and of course my new online business!! Oh did I mention being a mommy and a wife??!! Challenges occur all the time and I am getting ready for this one...I have no choice but to be ready. The KNOWN is that I love my family and support my husband 100%, everything else will just have to fit right into that!

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  1. happy pcsing ...
    hope it goes by smooth by for you cause i sure hated our last one :) wonder where u pcs!