Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sophie's 80s Inspired Party

One of my friends out here threw an 80s inspired party for her birthday and it was a blast!!! My friend Sophie always has the best decorations and I let her know that she should be doing this for a living. She is so creative and very imaginative. She made her home look like we were walking right back into the 80s! It was a blast.

My hubby dj'd the party!!

Sophie the Birthday Girl serving drinks!
I scrolled through so many 80s looks and a huge part of me wanted to be Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan but I thought, Prince would be more fun. I had to go to the thrift store to see if I could find a shirt to wear that was similar to Prince's white shirt he wore in Purple Rain. I didn't find one exactly but the one I found in the pic worked and at $5.00 it was a must!! It even had shoulder pads. My husband was Boy George which gave me the opportunity to put makeup on his face!!! It was fun. Did you know Boy George was a DJ back in the 80s and he still DJ's around the world?? I didn't know that! Prince has always been a favorite of mine since I was 3 or 4 years old. I suppose because his fav color was purple and so was mine!! It may have been because he wore high heels too! My friend had some awesome games at her party too, the classic musical chairs, an 80s trivia game and of course "flip cup" (beer game). I can't handle chugging down beer!! Oh and the best appetizers!!! She always goes all out at her parties and I hope one day I can be a great hostess like her at my future parties!! I just want to say Happy Birthday Sophie and I hope you had fun at your party and that we all made it pretty memorable on your special day!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Zumba Fitness 2 (Wii) is here!

I was so happy that my hubby found the game at our PX! I played it for the first time a few days ago and loved it!!! If you liked the first one, you are going to LOVE the second one. The graphics and music are so much better and the moves are current!! I just wanted to come on here and let you all know that if you are thinking of purchasing this game, you will be happy with it. What is also great about this game is that it tells you how many calories you burn, you know in 50 min I burned 392 calories?? It is amazing!!! This game is great for the holidays and it was only $39.99!! You can't beat that price!! If you already go to a gym to do Zumba, I would suggest getting this game for the days you skip out at the gym because it will give you the same results!! Get your towel ready and a bottle of water!! It's time to ZUMBA!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Educate Me!

I have always been a huge fan of education. Throughout High School I really enjoyed learning, I am a total geek! lol! I was the bookworm and I admit it. Can you believe that on Senior Skip day I was only brave enough to skip half a day!! Wow, I can't believe I just admitted that.
I wasn't really into going to a University right after high school because I thought it was a waste of money so I chose to go to a community college where I got my associate's degree in Liberal Arts. I am so undecided on everything. Going to college those two years really only confused me more on what I wanted to do in life. After getting my AA, I decided to enroll at a University and I only ended up going for a year. I majored in English with a minor in Secondary Education. That didn't last long!!! I changed my mind and changed my major to Spanish with a Minor in Enlgish. What was I thinking?? I didn't even know what I wanted to be. I taught ESL one year at the High School I graduated from and that was so rewarding so I think that was my motivation at the time.
When my ex husband returned from Japan I left school to move in with him in California. I SHOULD have gone to school in California, the military had so many scholarships for spouses but I gave it up!! I put it on hold for four years until I finally got separated in 2006. I then decided that for my future I had to go to college but I was doing it backwards!! I should have applied for a scholarship through the military but instead I took out loans with a bank, with high interest rates!!!! THEY literally took years to pay off. I am proud to say that I earned my BA in Sociology with an Emphasis in Criminal Justice and Spanish, double major. I ended up taking on the Spanish in a last minute attempt, as my advisor told me I only needed two classes to get my major in Spanish, that would mean one more semester in Colorado...I almost didn't and moved back to Illinois where I was from since I was divorcing. I am glad I didn't!! I would have never met my present husband! Ha ha "present" as if I am looking for a future one..I am not! College was HARD, but I am so glad that I finally had graduated!! My parents flew out to see me and met my then "boyfriend" Chris...oh yea and I was pregnant about 4 months!! I am telling you, my life was planned backwards! All in all I would not have changed a thing...except going to college when I had a better opportunity, not procrastinating at all, if you get a chance, just do it!!!! Get your education now because the "Military Life" is not forever nor guaranteed!! I am looking forward to our new duty station where I will be attending or going online for my Master's Degree!!! I am so excited!!!!
My husband who had graduated with a GED and then his H.S. Diploma, it was complicated....had no intentions of going to college but after meeting me, he thought well if my wife can, I can too. I am happy to say he is more than a year into his Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice. If I can encourage just one person to get their college education...then it is all worth it to me!!! Getting your education is very important even if you think that you won't find a job in today's economy, it will make you able to compete with others in the workforce!! I will keep you all updated!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Golden Birthday Alessandro!!!

Alessandro in Pisa, Italy. Oct 2011.

My son Alessandro Christopher is THREE!!! What an adventurous three!!! My son was 4 weeks old when he took his first road trip to California and then to Texas when we moved overseas!! He was then about 6 weeks when he took his first International Flight to Belgium!!! My son hasn't known anything but living overseas and I am so happy he has had the opportunity to experience all of that!! He has been to more countries than I ever had when I was his age....I don't even think I made it out of any country at age 3 to be honest!! He has been to Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, England, Luxenbourg, France, Belgium and I think there are more. I think about all that when I go back and see all of his pictures...wow!! Alessandro Christopher is very much like his father...in fact their personalities match to a "T" and his grandmother is constantly sharing stories of how Chris used to be as a kid...boy I am getting myself prepared! I call Alessandro my miracle baby...because doctors had told me how difficult it would be to get pregnant and if I were to get pregnant, I would miscarry. That I had learned two times in my life. Alessandro was 10lbs 3oz when he was born and 21 1/2 inches long!! Yeah I carried him to 42 weeks which is a long time to carry a boy that big!!! My doctors at the time thought I was carrying triplets. My body frame is not big at all and it took a toll on me... when he was born, the nurses nicknamed him the line backer of all the babies in the nursery. In fact a husband that was visiting his wife in the hospital asked if I had delivered the line backer in the nursery!! LOL!! I was like yeah that's me!! I had a rough pregnancy but I would not change a thing! My son is my pride and joy! He has his days though.

My baby boy at about 6 months!
 So a little bit about Alessandro:
He loves Oreo Cookies
He loves Hot Dogs (no bread) and Pancakes!
If I am not watching, he will raid the fridge!
He will blame his little brother any chance he gets!
He loves to play in his fort outside.
He loves Hot Wheels and will keep inventory of all his cars..
He does not like to share!
He will speak a language noone understands but him.
He pretends to be Super Man but secretly loves Batman more.
He thinks Handy Manny is his dad.
He likes to play with my hair.
He has the most piercing eyes..his emotions are all in his eyes.
He wants to be the big brother but is jealous most of the time..so he will cry for attention.
He loves to draw on walls and knock his posters down.
He pretends to be in the Military by saluting, marching, and clearing rooms with his pretend rifle.

He is the biggest cuddle bug, but only when he wants to.
He is afraid of big dogs.
He is a huge TV bug!
His favorite cartoons are Old Classic Superman/Superhero cartoons, I mean the black and white ones.
He falls asleep in the car instantly!
He secretly loves playing with makeup and kitchen toys, it doesn't worry me at all!
SO that is a little list of what my baby is like, he has a huge personality!! I just want to say, Happy Birthday baby boy, you are the apple of my eyeball!! I love you. <3

Alessandro on the Beach in Carmel, CA. (4 weeks)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veteran's Day Weekend!!

First and foremost, Happy Veteran's day to all who have served and are serving!! Happy Veteran's Day to their families as well!!!
For us it was a Veteran's Day weekend filled with absolutely nothing to do!!!!! I enjoyed it!! Chris, the boys, and I spent the days watching movies, playing on the internet, watching more movies, cooking, and making YT videos all weekend. We decided to just sit around and do nothing because we know how hectic it is going to get really soon when we start preparing for our PCS and the holidays. I just let my mother and father know that we are going to be spending some time with them and my family in Jan and they were excited since I have not seen them in over a year!!! I was actually kinda surprised myself since I didn't think that we could make a stop in Chicago on the way to our new duty station!! Well you can as long as it doesn't cost anymore than the one way tickets to your duty station. Look into that next time you PCS because you may be able to stop and visit family on the way there!! Awesome!
So a little update on what's been going on. I have been making tons of changes to my YT channel, I have been using my new computer software to create skits and other cool graphics, like green screen. I love editing videos! Another thing I have been working on is my Team Beachbody Online Store and it has been challenging!! But one day at a time!!
I filmed a video this weekend about the many benefits we receive as a military spouse because quite frankly I was tired of hearing about complaints that Military Spouses don't get enough free stuff...and that they should create a special day (holiday) for them like they do for the Veterans. Really??? It disappoints me that some Military Spouses feel very entitled just because they are married to a Military Member. I do feel special but I don't want a day. I know they have a day called Military Spouse Appreciation and if on that day I do not get anything for free like a meal....I will still feel special. As a Military Spouse we get many things for free and the video outlines my feelings towards it all. I will post it below!!

What did all of you do on Veteran's Day this year???

Dexter our new puppy!!

We finally did it, we got a puppy!! I thought it was going to be hard to get a dog as I have two boys under the age of 3!! But really it was the best thing we could have done because they play all day long!! My youngest son likes to play tug of war with him and it is so entertaining to watch. So who is Dexter and why did we name him Dexter?? He is a standard Yorkshire Terrier. He was previously owned but we got him at a year old, his original name was Gizmo which is what I was going to call him when I saw his photo for the first time...but I thought Dexter was more suiting. Ok fine I love the show Dexter on HBO so much that I had to name him that...he isn't a serial killer dog, he is quite the opposite! Dexter seems like it fits him and he responds to it already. He is house trained and I am so glad!
Military families are known to ditch their dogs when they PCS, sounds cruel I know but with the "overwhelming" costs of shipping a dog or pet, some people just choose to get rid of their pets. I don't agree with it at all, in fact it is going to cost us $250.00 to ship our dog back to the states when we leave, and it is completely worth it as long as Dexter is with us. I was forewarned not to get a dog when we PCS because of that but when I saw Dexter, none of that mattered to me.
Dexter's personality is funny...I should have called him Shadow because he literally FOLLOWS me everywhere, even when trying to use the bathroom!! So occasionally I do have to put him in his kennel when I cook otherwise I trip right over him. He is loveable and cuddly. Perfect for our family!!! Welcome Dexter to our family!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trunk or Treat 2011!! (Military Style)

Halloween this year was a blast!!! We went Trunk or Treating, which is held on an airbase here in Belgium and it was the biggest outcome I have seen in the three years we have been here!! 2,000 kids showed up with their parents!!! Trunk or Treat here is special because the cars line up on an old air strip and hand out candies from their "trunks" or a table set up in front and the cars are usually decorated. This year was a challenge though because of the amount of people there, we couldn't get in to hand out candy so we stood in line.....the line didn't move for a half hour and with two children under three, waiting wouldn't have been worth it! We quit Halloween.

My youngest son Andreas!

Ok so we didn't quite quit we sorta got through with a large bag of candy!! I asked my husband if he could talk to the MP that was directing traffic if we could go by as I had a large bag of candy to give out and my friend was manning a table that we had to be at, it worked. We were in, sounds bad doesn't it......well it wasn't at all. We handed out candy to MANY children and my sons were able to experience Halloween!! Yay! Well that wasn't the end, we were invited to a Halloween party this year, our first one as a family and it WAS FUN!!!! We all dressed up as vampires this year and I guess I went over board with the makeup...ha ha!! The Halloween party ended up with about 6 shots of Patron and a beer game....ahhhhh!! A night I would have loved to remember!!!! Sounding like a lush there was not on purpose.....I had fun and sometimes we just have to!