Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dexter our new puppy!!

We finally did it, we got a puppy!! I thought it was going to be hard to get a dog as I have two boys under the age of 3!! But really it was the best thing we could have done because they play all day long!! My youngest son likes to play tug of war with him and it is so entertaining to watch. So who is Dexter and why did we name him Dexter?? He is a standard Yorkshire Terrier. He was previously owned but we got him at a year old, his original name was Gizmo which is what I was going to call him when I saw his photo for the first time...but I thought Dexter was more suiting. Ok fine I love the show Dexter on HBO so much that I had to name him that...he isn't a serial killer dog, he is quite the opposite! Dexter seems like it fits him and he responds to it already. He is house trained and I am so glad!
Military families are known to ditch their dogs when they PCS, sounds cruel I know but with the "overwhelming" costs of shipping a dog or pet, some people just choose to get rid of their pets. I don't agree with it at all, in fact it is going to cost us $250.00 to ship our dog back to the states when we leave, and it is completely worth it as long as Dexter is with us. I was forewarned not to get a dog when we PCS because of that but when I saw Dexter, none of that mattered to me.
Dexter's personality is funny...I should have called him Shadow because he literally FOLLOWS me everywhere, even when trying to use the bathroom!! So occasionally I do have to put him in his kennel when I cook otherwise I trip right over him. He is loveable and cuddly. Perfect for our family!!! Welcome Dexter to our family!!!

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