Saturday, November 19, 2011

Educate Me!

I have always been a huge fan of education. Throughout High School I really enjoyed learning, I am a total geek! lol! I was the bookworm and I admit it. Can you believe that on Senior Skip day I was only brave enough to skip half a day!! Wow, I can't believe I just admitted that.
I wasn't really into going to a University right after high school because I thought it was a waste of money so I chose to go to a community college where I got my associate's degree in Liberal Arts. I am so undecided on everything. Going to college those two years really only confused me more on what I wanted to do in life. After getting my AA, I decided to enroll at a University and I only ended up going for a year. I majored in English with a minor in Secondary Education. That didn't last long!!! I changed my mind and changed my major to Spanish with a Minor in Enlgish. What was I thinking?? I didn't even know what I wanted to be. I taught ESL one year at the High School I graduated from and that was so rewarding so I think that was my motivation at the time.
When my ex husband returned from Japan I left school to move in with him in California. I SHOULD have gone to school in California, the military had so many scholarships for spouses but I gave it up!! I put it on hold for four years until I finally got separated in 2006. I then decided that for my future I had to go to college but I was doing it backwards!! I should have applied for a scholarship through the military but instead I took out loans with a bank, with high interest rates!!!! THEY literally took years to pay off. I am proud to say that I earned my BA in Sociology with an Emphasis in Criminal Justice and Spanish, double major. I ended up taking on the Spanish in a last minute attempt, as my advisor told me I only needed two classes to get my major in Spanish, that would mean one more semester in Colorado...I almost didn't and moved back to Illinois where I was from since I was divorcing. I am glad I didn't!! I would have never met my present husband! Ha ha "present" as if I am looking for a future one..I am not! College was HARD, but I am so glad that I finally had graduated!! My parents flew out to see me and met my then "boyfriend" Chris...oh yea and I was pregnant about 4 months!! I am telling you, my life was planned backwards! All in all I would not have changed a thing...except going to college when I had a better opportunity, not procrastinating at all, if you get a chance, just do it!!!! Get your education now because the "Military Life" is not forever nor guaranteed!! I am looking forward to our new duty station where I will be attending or going online for my Master's Degree!!! I am so excited!!!!
My husband who had graduated with a GED and then his H.S. Diploma, it was complicated....had no intentions of going to college but after meeting me, he thought well if my wife can, I can too. I am happy to say he is more than a year into his Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice. If I can encourage just one person to get their college education...then it is all worth it to me!!! Getting your education is very important even if you think that you won't find a job in today's economy, it will make you able to compete with others in the workforce!! I will keep you all updated!!!

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