Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Golden Birthday Alessandro!!!

Alessandro in Pisa, Italy. Oct 2011.

My son Alessandro Christopher is THREE!!! What an adventurous three!!! My son was 4 weeks old when he took his first road trip to California and then to Texas when we moved overseas!! He was then about 6 weeks when he took his first International Flight to Belgium!!! My son hasn't known anything but living overseas and I am so happy he has had the opportunity to experience all of that!! He has been to more countries than I ever had when I was his age....I don't even think I made it out of any country at age 3 to be honest!! He has been to Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, England, Luxenbourg, France, Belgium and I think there are more. I think about all that when I go back and see all of his pictures...wow!! Alessandro Christopher is very much like his father...in fact their personalities match to a "T" and his grandmother is constantly sharing stories of how Chris used to be as a kid...boy I am getting myself prepared! I call Alessandro my miracle baby...because doctors had told me how difficult it would be to get pregnant and if I were to get pregnant, I would miscarry. That I had learned two times in my life. Alessandro was 10lbs 3oz when he was born and 21 1/2 inches long!! Yeah I carried him to 42 weeks which is a long time to carry a boy that big!!! My doctors at the time thought I was carrying triplets. My body frame is not big at all and it took a toll on me... when he was born, the nurses nicknamed him the line backer of all the babies in the nursery. In fact a husband that was visiting his wife in the hospital asked if I had delivered the line backer in the nursery!! LOL!! I was like yeah that's me!! I had a rough pregnancy but I would not change a thing! My son is my pride and joy! He has his days though.

My baby boy at about 6 months!
 So a little bit about Alessandro:
He loves Oreo Cookies
He loves Hot Dogs (no bread) and Pancakes!
If I am not watching, he will raid the fridge!
He will blame his little brother any chance he gets!
He loves to play in his fort outside.
He loves Hot Wheels and will keep inventory of all his cars..
He does not like to share!
He will speak a language noone understands but him.
He pretends to be Super Man but secretly loves Batman more.
He thinks Handy Manny is his dad.
He likes to play with my hair.
He has the most piercing eyes..his emotions are all in his eyes.
He wants to be the big brother but is jealous most of the time..so he will cry for attention.
He loves to draw on walls and knock his posters down.
He pretends to be in the Military by saluting, marching, and clearing rooms with his pretend rifle.

He is the biggest cuddle bug, but only when he wants to.
He is afraid of big dogs.
He is a huge TV bug!
His favorite cartoons are Old Classic Superman/Superhero cartoons, I mean the black and white ones.
He falls asleep in the car instantly!
He secretly loves playing with makeup and kitchen toys, it doesn't worry me at all!
SO that is a little list of what my baby is like, he has a huge personality!! I just want to say, Happy Birthday baby boy, you are the apple of my eyeball!! I love you. <3

Alessandro on the Beach in Carmel, CA. (4 weeks)

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