Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trunk or Treat 2011!! (Military Style)

Halloween this year was a blast!!! We went Trunk or Treating, which is held on an airbase here in Belgium and it was the biggest outcome I have seen in the three years we have been here!! 2,000 kids showed up with their parents!!! Trunk or Treat here is special because the cars line up on an old air strip and hand out candies from their "trunks" or a table set up in front and the cars are usually decorated. This year was a challenge though because of the amount of people there, we couldn't get in to hand out candy so we stood in line.....the line didn't move for a half hour and with two children under three, waiting wouldn't have been worth it! We quit Halloween.

My youngest son Andreas!

Ok so we didn't quite quit we sorta got through with a large bag of candy!! I asked my husband if he could talk to the MP that was directing traffic if we could go by as I had a large bag of candy to give out and my friend was manning a table that we had to be at, it worked. We were in, sounds bad doesn't it......well it wasn't at all. We handed out candy to MANY children and my sons were able to experience Halloween!! Yay! Well that wasn't the end, we were invited to a Halloween party this year, our first one as a family and it WAS FUN!!!! We all dressed up as vampires this year and I guess I went over board with the makeup...ha ha!! The Halloween party ended up with about 6 shots of Patron and a beer game....ahhhhh!! A night I would have loved to remember!!!! Sounding like a lush there was not on purpose.....I had fun and sometimes we just have to!

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