Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veteran's Day Weekend!!

First and foremost, Happy Veteran's day to all who have served and are serving!! Happy Veteran's Day to their families as well!!!
For us it was a Veteran's Day weekend filled with absolutely nothing to do!!!!! I enjoyed it!! Chris, the boys, and I spent the days watching movies, playing on the internet, watching more movies, cooking, and making YT videos all weekend. We decided to just sit around and do nothing because we know how hectic it is going to get really soon when we start preparing for our PCS and the holidays. I just let my mother and father know that we are going to be spending some time with them and my family in Jan and they were excited since I have not seen them in over a year!!! I was actually kinda surprised myself since I didn't think that we could make a stop in Chicago on the way to our new duty station!! Well you can as long as it doesn't cost anymore than the one way tickets to your duty station. Look into that next time you PCS because you may be able to stop and visit family on the way there!! Awesome!
So a little update on what's been going on. I have been making tons of changes to my YT channel, I have been using my new computer software to create skits and other cool graphics, like green screen. I love editing videos! Another thing I have been working on is my Team Beachbody Online Store and it has been challenging!! But one day at a time!!
I filmed a video this weekend about the many benefits we receive as a military spouse because quite frankly I was tired of hearing about complaints that Military Spouses don't get enough free stuff...and that they should create a special day (holiday) for them like they do for the Veterans. Really??? It disappoints me that some Military Spouses feel very entitled just because they are married to a Military Member. I do feel special but I don't want a day. I know they have a day called Military Spouse Appreciation and if on that day I do not get anything for free like a meal....I will still feel special. As a Military Spouse we get many things for free and the video outlines my feelings towards it all. I will post it below!!

What did all of you do on Veteran's Day this year???

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