Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Almost Three Years Exactly....

Our old house in Colorado...ready to be mopped!

WOW!! So three years ago Chris and I had our stuff packed out of our home headed to Belgium! We had gotten married that year and had our first son. Christopher had a home in Colorado and we were so worried because we needed a renter. Our son was only 5 weeks old. My parents had visited from Chicago to take my car back home with them..so much was going through my brain...kind of what I am feeling like now. Today I was supposed to make a pile on the floor of all the things we were going to pack for our unaccompanied baggage. My husband failed to tell me that they moved the date! Good thing because I had nothing laid out. I am procrastinating our move...out of fear. To be perfectly honest, I have not been away from Chris any more than three weeks, he has deployed three times before I met him so he was needing some down time when I met him, that is how we got orders to Belgium. I am selfish, I don't want to be away from my husband, but I know that it is going to be soon that he gets put in a unit that deploys frequently...that scares the shit out of me!!! (sorry for cursing). For a year now I have had dreams where he is always gone, he is never in my dreams anymore and I am always in a situation where I just need him...I hate that feeling.
So it is that time again, we are moving back to the states! We are making our list for our unaccompanied baggage, we get 1,000lbs. That is A LOT!!! Or maybe it just sounds like a lot...I know I am packing an umbrella for sure! So many things on my mind...and so little time, I mean Christmas is right around the corner!! Oh yeah, Chris and I put up the tree and our babies helped....and not even one minute after opening the ornaments, one gets shattered on the floor!! (NEXT BLOG) Christmas Tree! LOL!

On our road trip to California before heading to Belgium

So the kids seem to know that we are moving soon, they keep writing on the walls and breaking things...makes Chris and I worried....he says to wait and scrub the walls until a few days before we leave, but so far, I have been doing one project at a time...today I scrubbed the dining room table so it would be spotless when I take a picture of it for insurance purposes! And the chairs will be tomorrow's project along with OXY cleaning the microfiber couches!! Oh reminds me, any PRODUCTS you recommend to take out water spots...my couch has a code of WS on it meaning anything that is a water solvent can be used but I NEED A MIRACLE!! I bought some Mr. Clean magic erasers and they are awesome! TOO bad they fall apart fast!!! I need like a hundred of those.
So as you can see, cleaning is on my mind these days! As soon as I finish one thing, the boys create another, a never ending cycle!! Maybe I should wait to clean! I am going to be doing a series of PCS videos on my channel, from Unaccompanied Baggage, to WHAT to clean...and other topics about PCS'ing. Stay tuned for those!!!

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