Monday, December 12, 2011

"California Whopper" our style!

Our Version of the BK "California Whopper"

Chris and I hardly ever go out to eat, maybe once or twice a month if that. Here at our PX (shopping area) we have Burger King, Kebab Place, and Anthony's Pizza or you can opt to go to the commissary (grocery store) to get a deli made sandwich for a much better deal!!! I think the deli is way better than SUBWAY!
Burger King and I have a past, yeah when I was 16, I worked there for a year. I quit the day I graduated High School because quite frankly I did not enjoy the way we were treated. The thing about Burger King though is that I LOVE their WHOPPERS! I special order mine and my husband has it down to a "T." Whopper with cheese, no onion, and extra mayo! Has been like that for years!! UNHEALTHY of course, here I am advocating health and fitness and I am eating Whoppers! Shame on me!! Even if it is only once a month, I feel extra guilty but satisfied at the same time!!!! 670 CALORIES!!!
So the other day Chris had noticed that they had the "California Whopper" on the menu and yes we tried it, anything with California in the title has to be COOL! As you may know in California they have sandwiches all over the place named after the wonderful state as well as burritos! California Burger, Burritos...the California Burrito has french fries, guacamole, carne asada (steak), cheese and sourcream in it! YUM!!! Most "California Burgers" include avocado in it...and subways in California offer avocado as a side!!! YEAH it is an avocado producing state!
So the "California Whopper" has to be good, it was but unfortunately the Avocado part of the sandwich tasted like something straight out of a just add water packet!!! EWW!!! Chris and I master-minded the idea of making our own "California Whopper," the "A" Team way!!!   It went a little something like this:

Ground Turkey, hand made...one (1lb) package, throw it in a bowl already defrosted. ADD all the Spices You Want, pretend it's beef! (LESS CALORIES AND FAT) (1/4lb= 180cal) That is enough for one burger.

Each time I get a coupon for a spice, I am sure to use it!!

Add your veggies, as in the BK Version, they add tomato, lettuce and some variation of guacamole, JUST GO WITH THE REAL THING!!

and then BAM: Throw it all on a Wheat Bun!

The taste you ask??
Well we have been eating ground turkey instead of beef for about 2 years now. We hardly ever notice the difference, with your favorite spices, it tastes great!! I love this version of the burger because I do not feel guilty eating it at all, fresh veggies and avocado, can't beat it. I may have missed adding pickles but regardless, it was great. I also added one serving of fat free mayo and a slice of all American cheese.....ENJOY!!!

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