Monday, December 5, 2011

Editing, Green Screen, and More!

Ahhhhh!!!! Chris and I have a movie program on our computer that is wonderful with green screen, but the lighting has to be great. Belgium is currently in their rain season, so NO NATURAL sunlight!! I had time today to film some videos and have started editing and it is a long process. When I first started doing videos for Youtube, I used my webcam, where sound and picture was horrible. I then switched over to my JVC Everio Cam....it was great while it lasted....and then I wanted more....GREEDY I know. My hubby bought me a JVC Everio HD camera that is wonderful, but the only issue is that it doesn't have too much video memory on it...but that is ok. I love the camera and it does it's job, but the lighting is what I am struggling with. You would think I could just go out and buy some flourescent lighting but I CAN'T! Ok fine, I won't, I find it too expensive for only the amount of time I will be here in Belgium....so what to do????
Today the sun peaked out and I FILMED 4 videos and edited a few already, including my husband's videos since he is at work. I really love the fact that my hubby chose to film for Youtube, because I know I will be watching those videos when or if my hubby deploys. My hubby and I find this hobby enjoyable because we give each other ideas on each other's videos. He says, "no say this," "don't say that" and I do the same with his. Now see, my hubby is way too blunt sometimes and it comes off as being mean, but truly he is as straight forward as possible so noone mistakes him for something else....which sometimes backfires you know. I love that about him as much as I love to complain. I have learned so much about editing, about the Army, and about my husband through Youtube.
Back to editing.....I wish I had multiple computers so I can edit on more than one program...but I think that will have to wait. Right now I am having fun using my green screen, it allows me to pretend and use my imagination. I hope you have all been enjoying my channel because there is WAY more to come!!!! Thank you for reading my blog!! Any suggestions or requests on topics I should talk about, is WELCOME!!!

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