Friday, December 2, 2011

HOME is where the ARMY sends Us.


Brugges, Belgium
 I never thought of announcing where we were headed...today we had our pre-inspection of our house and we have some cleaning to do, it is not as bad as I thought it would be. Here they paint the walls every 3 years so we don't have to do it. Also, they do the repairs to the home after we leave so that is great!! We are only responsible for the cleaning, so not bad!!
I am sort of looking forward to a new duty station but in the middle of winter where there will be snow, I AM not loving that idea. It's ok though...I was raised near Chicago so I should be used to it right??? Not. I have been away from home for about 8 years now! Time sure does fly.
In order to prepare myself for our new duty station, I have decided to join some groups on facebook to ease the transition. I have so far met some really nice wives who are going through the same experience as me....being the newbie!
I swear I have moved so many times already but for some reason I am nervous about this move. I have lived on the West Coast already and it was a great experience and my husband is from the West Coast but I am mostly worried about the cost of living. So many have mentioned that it is pretty pricey living in Washington. I am guessing it is pretty normal and since the military provides us with what we need....we should be alright.
I am also nervous about meeting new friends, like the first day of school! What if noone likes me??? Just kidding...it isn't that serious...or is it?? There are so many cliques in the military community whether we like it or not. Here in Belgium, I have managed to stay away from most. I mean just the other day on one of the fb groups from Washington, there were threats coming from a wife that she was going to call another wife's husband's chain of command!! SAY WHAT? Now that was a bold statement. I don't want to be involved in that....so the question is, do I live onpost or offpost to avoid all that???

A few things for sure on my list are:
*Attending Unit Functions: Why?? Because I can meet some wives in the same Unit as my hubby's.
*Joining the FRG: Yeah I have heard stories, but I am going to attempt.
*Joining Mommy/Kid Playdates: I will be able to vent there for sure!
*Volunteering: There you meet the coolest people!

So more on WA. The Space Needle is there and so is the well known Fish Market where fish is thrown back and forth!! Twilight was shot there!! The ocean is not far and it is full of trees. The weather is rainy mostly but not that different from Belgium. It is a quick plane ride to visit my Mother in Law in California!! (California is beautiful and I would love to be there instead) Overall I am looking forward to a new environment and experience, after all "Home is Where the Army Sends Us." Oh but did I mention we are making a pit stop in Chicago to visit my parents and the Army pays for it...??? YAY!!!!

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  1. My husband is from Olympia WA near Ft Lewis an I wet to college in Seattle. I will say the Seattle are is really pricey but I really don't think the Ft Lewis area is at all and that's coming from AZ with a low cost of living. This is out first duty station and were Navy on an Army base with no FRG or anything so I'm not used to being in any "groups". Let me know how it goes!